Welcome to the Dark school of ancient mysteries. Lets start with a short introduction.


It all started 8 years ago.. A man slowly descended into darkness after a collection of disturbing events. We will not go into any details, those are left for “the journey of a thousand files”, but the events slowly pushed the man into a layer of darkness most people tend to avoid. Some would call it chaos, others would call it hell, but to make it fit within the historical documents it would be best if we describe this place as “the underworld”. The place where violence is more common than mercy and despair is the only song you’ll be hearing in the evening when the starving wolf is howling to the moon. They say a man can get used to anything, even things worse than death. Slowly our environment molds us into something that fits right in. But what if we were never made to fit in?



In science they say energy can never be lost, it just transforms into something different. Same abundance, just a difference in appearance. You think you are in complete darkness, but the light is everywhere around you. Just waiting for you to widen your perception so you can finally discover the hidden. So this raised the question; if you were born to stand out instead of fitting in, would this be the same in darkness? Would you become the candle? The lower the man descended into the abyss, “the pit of despair”, the more enlightened he became. He transformed and his environment transformed with him. From a single Solomonar grows the Dark school, like the seed of an ancient tree. Lost and forgotten, but finally replanted and growing faster than ever. A library started to form, lessons started to appear on the walls and strange symbols came flowing in from another reality. A door has been opened and information is flowing through like waves of creation. A website started emerging, stories started to form and experiences are starting to pile up. The dark school is still growing at this very moment, but it's already rooted deeply in this dimension. Like a tree of knowledge feeding on roots of experience.



“I know that I hung,

on a wind-rocked tree,

nine whole nights,

with a spear wounded,

and to Odin offered,

myself to myself;

on that tree,

of which no one knows

from what root it springs.

Bread no one gave me,

nor a horn of drink,

downward I peered,

to runes applied myself,

wailing learnt them,
then fell down thence.”



The hanged man is hanging on the tree of the dark school of ancient mysteries for eight whole years now. If Odin needed only nine nights to learn the language of the runes, imagine what he could have learned in 8 whole years. Now i am challenging you. How long can you hang on this dark tree of ancient mysteries, from which no one knows where its roots spring? You might learn some lessons you will never forget.