The school of ancient mysteries is an open learning platform. You don't need any form of membership. In case you have any questions about some of the articles published on this website feel free to contact us by email of twitter.

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The school of ancient mysteries runs on the Quinta essentia. The ultimate goal of the wise, to manifest from nothing. There is no need for funding, but you could always do yourself a favor and visit our webshop. All profits will be used to support the mysteryschool.

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Hope you keep enjoying the mystery in the future

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I love to encounter mysteries of the past that we can connect our lives to today, see what it brings us, a piece of art of not just 1 person, but an entire universe, a whole of everything you want to know . Questions and answers that lie in the mysteries of antiquity. We will never become omniscient, but in wisdom you will find your soul and become a happier person.