Philosophy of the Body lesson 1: Oculus

From the position of the particle to the trajectory of the wave, from growth to decay. From the magic in the detail, to the mystery in the great void. From Byss to Abyss.. I see everything. I see how ripples in space-time warp the entire stage. How the light, in the end, slowly fades away. I see the mind, the matter and how your vision is shattered by the sword of division. I see you are just a mere man on a mission. I see the man, the mission. I see your position. I envision where you come from and where you are going. Seeing is knowing. Like is known by like.

I see the pendulum swing moving in everything. From the positive to the negative and each position in between. I see the entire spectrum of light. The redshift, the blueshift and that which is unseen. I see the energy hidden in unused potential. I see the energy you use. And i can see that you are slightly amused. I see how opinion clouds our mind. How that which is untrained decays over time. I see that you can hardly remember who you are, but i do. I see a small portion of the divine in you. I see that you are so much more, if you only knew. I see how we all have a small portion of truth. A breadcrum for the Muslim, for the Yogi and one for the Jew.

I see you..

But vision also creates a reflection. Do you see me? The next obvious question. Do you see how we are all surrounded with patterns? If the mind is a mirror, is yours whole or is it shattered? Does light penetrate from beyond through divine sparks? Are you still sharp enough to see where decline starts? Are your eyes filled with imaginary sand? Can you see eternity slipping through the palm of your hands? Can you see how the universe is defined in a single frame? Can you see your position in a Cartesian plane? Do you focus constantly on seeing the difference? Do you constantly focus on seeing the same? Do you see only the extremes in existence? Is the subtle hidden for you in plain sight? Can you see things that only come out during the night? Or are you afraid of the dark?


What if we are no one? Not you, not me. What if who we are is no longer an obstacle for what we see? What if all definitions suddenly end? What if we are the only thing and we can no longer pretend? We see what we think we see, so what if we don’t mind? What if we delete the entire frame of time? What if this is nothing but a blank sheet of paper and you didn’t even read what i’m about to write?


What if seeing is creating?