Philosophy of the Environment lesson 1: The infinite time loop.


It’s the year 2030. Many of us are gone. Years of experimentation with genetics and mRNA has led to an auto-immune reaction in humans. We lost our natural resistance and are slowly erasing ourselves. In a desperate attempt to slow down a rapidly growing population, we sterilized everyone and are no longer able to reproduce in a normal way. What we feared has already happened. The technological singularity brought us the destruction of the human race. While fighting over the domination of AI we used weapons of mass destruction turning this planet into an infertile wasteland caught in an endless nuclear winter. Not even Crop science can save our harvest. We are doomed beyond the point of redemption. But maybe there is still hope. Maybe our technology can still serve us as a tool and save us from the Abyss. A single divine spark can set big things in motion. If we could focus all our technological possibilities on creating a single doorway.. Maybe we could go back and undo this damage. Quantum physics could offer a way out. Waves can travel where particle’s can’t. Perhaps if we transform ourselves into a standing wave we could travel back and deliver a message.

It is the year 10.000 bc. Something went terribly wrong. Doesn’t every technological experiment eventually end this way? We constantly underestimate what we are capable of. The standing wave was more powerful than we could imagine, giving us a quantum leap way beyond the point where civilization started. How ironic, there is no one able to comprehend our message. Mankind has not invented written language. But we are here now so we might as well make the best of it. Perhaps we could teach our primitive versions a few new things and jumpstart evolution. Perhaps we can shape them in our image..

What are we? Nosce te ipsum. Do we even understand? Only the truth can fill the final gap. Perhaps we forgot where we came from a long time ago, because in the end even information decays. And so we invent ways to save this information and help future generations learn from our past. We write books, we carve stones, we tell myths. They were supposed to remind us of who we are and what we have done so far. Yet slowly this knowledge slips through our fingers as we continue to create the same cycle over and over. Ages go by, we enjoy bread and games, but we forget what these stones are trying to tell us. And everytime a generation tells our legends it slowly forgets or changes a few details. In the end, there is not much left of the original version. And the books? We burned most of them while trying to keep ourselves warm by keeping others trapped in ignorance. The unknowing are so easily fooled, and they all serve a business model one way or another. How well do we know ourselves? Not at all. In the end we even blow up the stones to make way for a paved paradise.

Are we the fallen angels as described in the bible? Did we teach ourselves things we should have forgotten? Did we fall 10.000 years down the ladder to wake up in our own beginning of time? Are we the symbolical snake who is eating its own tail? Are we Ouroboros?

I guess only God knows.