On the dark desolated planes of the Abyss a young men camps near a tree. His face looks pale, hair long and dark, his eyes deep green like emeralds. Silence is all in these lands where only a few men wander, mostly lost souls. This is the birthplace of evil. You can feel it in every grain of sand and in every breath of air, the cold desire for destruction. The young man stares in the distance in silence. Speech has no meaning in a place like this; no one would listen or understand. God knows what creatures live here. Demons rule the Abyss for as long as it’s been there. They build it as a place of refuge in case of emergency. It’s empty and deserted now. Only a few creatures left, like the young man who goes by the name of Avitas.

 Compared to most of the demons down here this man looks like he doesn’t really belong in a place like this. But then again, looks can deceive… He stares into the flames in silence, his mind filled with an endless stream of thoughts. “Less movement, more mind”, is what he would say. Always a paradox, a balance in motion like the swing of a pendulum. He is playing a game, a very dangerous one. We all play games on our own level, but this man is above that level and his games are as well. His surroundings don’t concern him any longer, his battle has moved to the inside. His mind is divided, like all humans have a left side and right side of the brain. Always fighting each other at each choice that has to be made, an eternal conflict. It can be paralyzing, slowing down the process of planning and eating valuable time. Avitas knows how valuable time can be; in the heat of battle a mere second can buy a man’s life. How many men did he lose while stuck in the battle between left and right before he was able to make the right choices? His thoughts wander off and he sees the faces of fallen brothers, brave men who stood at his side once but who`s names have been lost in distant memories. Only the first ones really hurt, after that it changes into a simple procedure. Some stand some fall, not all men are born to taste the sweet smell of freedom. A man will never have more then he`s willing to fight for. Battle isn’t the prettiest act of nature, a necessary evil to reduce imperfection and work our way up towards divinity. A very harsh but natural way to consider things. The battle inside Avitas is so severe it drains all of his energy and turns him into a statue. Human emotions constantly defy logic, but logic constantly destroys our feelings. Somewhere in the middle they will meet and make truce.

It is here, on the planes of the Abyss, where a young lion will decide the final outcome on the stage of a singular battle. To be or not to be, sufficient or insufficient. When all lights go dim only darkness can survive. Each bit of progress demands sacrifices, the most valuable steps forward require a blood sacrifice. Something pure and personal. Here in this dark world it is easier for him to see what separates him from that darkness which he needs to survive. It’s a dangerous mental game; pushing feelings aside with logic. A man can loose his sanity in a place like this, but not Avitas. He isn’t here to loose things, he`s here to win. Loss is one of the biggest illusions mankind ever held on to. It’s like when you empty a bottle and see the liquid that left the vessel as loss, to ignorant to see the oxygen which replaced it, one of the most valuable atoms on this planet and vital to our existence. There is no emptiness, only existence. Replenishment, as forest fires create fertile soil for new vegetation. Only those who see how complex the laws of nature truly are will notice how simple we mere humans think. We have so many things to learn, like the different dimensions we move trough. We live like fish in an ocean, unaware of the continents outside the water. He is aware of what is out there. A reflection, not only his own but a reflection of everything in this world. Everything is divided into opposites and reflections. The world is like a house of mirrors, but we are unable to see all those reflections. We carry those inside our mind. Information is the key, knowledge is power. His mind goes on and on in an epic battle for the truth hidden deep inside his own mind.
Three weeks have past since he arrived on this spot, a deserted cave at the end of his own world. Far away from all the constant war and conflict that chases him. Not because he has any fear left after all the battles that lie behind him, but to avoid distraction. People wouldn’t understand what`s at stake here. They don’t see the great game in process. Every move carefully integrated into nature’s big building plan of existence. World leaders play on this chessboard as if they have influence on the outcome. It would be like blowing against a falling tree and expecting it to change its course. We are so insignificant we hardly even realize it, but perhaps we could make a difference if we would try a bit harder. That`s how the game is rigged. We raise the bar for every generation; until they have to make such a great sacrifice to succeed they lose their care for success. Failure becomes a place of refuge then, like these dark lands at the edge of existence. After so many wars Avitas lost his care for battle as well. It seems pointless to try, as every war won spreads the smell of revenge and makes the pendulum swing back twice as hard. Causing more destruction, more chaos and more suffering then the war before. Total destruction build one brick at the time, until the tower collapses and we are all buried beneath the harvest of our own darkness. But how to stop such a divine mechanism when you are nothing then a mere mortal?
Avitas knows he is not the solution to the problem anymore, only the cause of it. Suddenly he stands up in a burst of rage, his voice echoing over the rocky black desert. “This is pointless, I can only fight. What can I do to make a difference? I’m useless in this!” he cries while he walks in the direction of his camp. It’s nothing more then a piece of cloth tied between a dead tree and a few rocks. Just enough to find some shelter against the icy winds that roar across these wastelands. He grabs a piece of shiny metal from his backpack and stares at his reflection with grief. His mind can still generate the pictures of happiness although it seems like ages ago. There use to be a time when his mind was still clouded with innocence and he had no part in this. Youthly innocence which dies little by little with every scar we gain, crushed by the knowledge gained from each sacrifice we have to make in order to survive. If there is such a thing as mercy, it has to be a gift from god. Nature has its own harsh way of dealing with evolution. The strong defeat the weak, sense over sensitivity. For all the extra senses Avitas has gained he has lost a lot of sensitivity. Love is a burden in battle; it fills men with fear and paralyses the mind when it’s time to make hard choices. So we learn to let go, until the heart is empty and the mind is filled. Then we can empty the mind to fill the heart again. A perfect paradox. Still, it divides people from the inside which motivates them to divide the others outside. A very evil strategy designed by nature to keep our numbers low.
Nature has always been our greatest enemy; it fights us with disease and natural disaster. If we ever want to win that war we have to start on the inside. Start doing the opposite of the things that divides us all so we can join forces and act as a single entity. Avitas knows how weak the masses are when they are divided, but he can only imagine how strong they would function if they all join forces and fight the forces of nature to survive as a creative people, close to divinity. Somewhere deep inside his mind a voice whispers: “I have a dream...” Maybe that`s where it all begins. Deep inside we all carry the same dreams. In those dreams our mind preaches the thing our hearts desire. The thing all warriors have in common; the desire for freedom. Things are becoming way to confusing for Avitas, but he has found the answers he was looking for. Truth lies in the mirror, divided by the mirror. As above, so below.