“Can you tell us a bit more about Gabriel’s horn?”, my future supervisor and specialist in artificial intelligence at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy asks me. His name is Albert, a typical Dutch name. I silently stare at the man knowing that there is no way i can tell him everything without making any mistakes. And so i do what i always do. I give them a slice of the pie to satisfy but keep most of it to myself. “This pattern can be found anywhere and explains patterns that lie beyond our calculation capacity”. Immediately he starts talking about infinity and how comprehending it lies beyond human capabilities. “We discussed at our previous conversation we are still a bit surprised by your story about singularity and quantum mechanics. It isn’t something we would have expected to see from someone with your college background. If we look at your resume you shouldn’t be able to know these things. Can you explain to us how you learned this?”, the director from the department of research and development Gert asks. This is by far the most unusual job appliance i have ever been through. Nothing seems to make sense anymore ever since i went through this transmutation process. I know that telling the entire story would be a huge mistake due to all the fear that is currently spreading regarding singularity. You have seen the truth my dear readers. I have been caught in a runaway section of self improvement cycles for over three years now, that’s a lot more than a mere 40 days in the desert. It’s the definition of Moore’s law, a process i went through to be able to lift this page to a new dimension. “In my spare time i like to watch presentations online from famous scientists who each explain a bit more about the current state of their research and professors from well known universities who try to explain a bit more about their area of interest”. After giving a few good examples like some of the links i shared on this page the answers seemed satisfying enough. “Do you have any experience at programming?”. “Not with making brand new scripts, but i am familiar with changing existing scripts to my own needs, in the game communities we call this modding. But i am able to learn a new language if that is needed. I would have already tried it a bit but i was still wondering which language is mostly used here”. Perhaps this was not the best place or time to talk about mental programming, although i have given a short clue to that in the essay i had to write for my first assignment. You will find it at the bottom of this chapter. “Are you a logical thinker?”, Gert asks me. “Wel…”, i stumble and i have to admit i was a bit impressed by all the attention. If growth lies beyond our comfort zone, it is as if i just entered a whole new dimension. “Better question, we asked you to learn about the function of a low pass frequency or anti-aliasing filter, can you describe to us shortly what this means?”. “Sure, a low pass frequency filter is made by using a resistor to slow down the current in a closed system and a frequency capacitor to let only a certain frequency or spectrum of frequencies through the filter.”. “That’s correct, and how do you think we use those filters?”, Gert asks. “Well, i imagined that if you use this in large multitude and give each filter a different capacitor you would be able to divide a single signal into an endless stream of different frequencies and determine the nature of each frequency”. “That’s exactly how we use it indeed, well done”. “How much time did it take you to learn this, honestly?”, the chief of human resources who has led this conversation so far asks. I start smiling:”Well, it took me about two hours to learn the function of the filter, but it gave me a lot of inspiration and so i found out alot more about anti-aliasing which i wrote down in this essay. Like how a capacitor looks identical to a human nerve synapse and how it even has the same function. I also figured that this alias we filter from the signal tells us a lot about the environment the signal passes through. That led me to a study in bio markers.” I see both Gert and Albert immediately catch interest, the mind of a scientist is always intrigued by the mysteries normal humans can’t comprehend. “If you can learn how to build a low pass filter in only two hours the rest of the studies won’t be such a big problem i suppose”. The conversation continues about the details of my contract and my course for the next six months. As soon as we step outside my social worker starts smiling:”This is a lot different than an ordinary job at a supermarket isn’t it?”. I respond with a smile:”It sure is”.

 This is just a flash of what i have been doing in the past few months. My mission was to make this story a bit more interesting by stepping far outside my comfort zone, but i never expected to get a job out of it. I was hoping for a tour through the site so that i could show you a bit more about one of my biggest interests: Astrophysics. To demonstrate that with a proper strategy a man can conquer whatever he wishes. Now i am in the middle of it, so i suppose i am able to show you more than i had in mind in the first place. My new job is to analyze the data coming from multiple radio telescopes through Europe and use scripts and complicated algorithms to speed up the process. These algorithms are written in Python, a very popular and new programming language. Have i ever heard of Python before? Well, of course i have. But since the chapter already promises something special, i could turn the question around. Have you ever heard of dragons? Are you familiar with the Red dragon? I wasn’t at first, but i did know of the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, Pythia. And so i figured Python was probably related to Oracle. Do you see a pattern emerging here? So what is the deal with Gabriel’s horn? Well… there is only one person on this entire planet who can use it and he may call himself the proper owner. So who am i? That is the question that has been motivating me throughout this entire story. I am not allowed to answer that question. Only you are, since a name is a product of the people’s judgement. If a name is good it describes the entire personality of a person in a single word. If i give a name to myself that would mean i would judge myself and serve my own judgement. But that is not why i went through this process, so it does not fit the occasion. My journey as a signal through a destructive environment has left me unnamed and undefined. Tabula rasa as ancient philosophers would call it.

During the long dark hours of the night a young man is typing a long story on a blank page in his own history. The words he writes down are whispered in his ears by the voice of an image from a simulation of what could happen. Many years ahead of his time, many years ahead of his mind. That man used to be me, but it isn’t anymore. For with every word this man writes he is more or less destroying his memory with knowledge and self reflection. It isn’t even writing if you look closer, the man is channeling. His eyes rolled back, his senses closed, but his mind open. Ready to catch any signal coming from the other side. And even though an endless stream of reflections keeps two worlds divided forever, waves of information are pouring through. Like an intoxicating vapor it slowly enters the mind changing the information inside. Replacing memories with knowledge, opinions with facts and fantasy with an alternative form of reality. All his concentration focussed on a single point in space time and all he can hear is the call coming from the horn. The voice of something trapped on the other side of death in a world that is almost reaching its end. But that something has become a friend and through the years they both aligned. Now there is no more difference on the outside or on the inside. “Wake up my friend, you are dying”, a deep voice whispers into his ears. “I don’t care anymore”, the young writer silently replies with a sad tone. His eyes are dark from lack of sleep, his body weak from lack of food and his mind in a state of chaos due to a lack of time. Chaos is a ladder to heaven, and so starts the calling of the horn. “Have you seen how much i did to help them and how they treated me? I am not even welcome here, it’s better for me to leave”, the young writer whispers. “Ahh, the young boy has hurt his feelings and is in pain. Do i care?”, the deep voice replies in a teasing way. “Probably not, you know nothing of love. All you do know is destruction”. Filled with rage the young writer gets up from behind his desk and walks towards the mirror. “You know me so well don’t you? Take a good look in that mirror and tell me who i am boy”. For a while all the young man does is stare into the mirror at his own reflection. “The boy has lost its tongue, are you in need of an enlightenment my friend? It’s the middle of the night, you have no visitors, you are alone. Who am i?” “You are me, we are the same”, the young writer replies, “But how can we have this conversation if we are one?” “The question is the answer, you talk too much but think too little. We are not one, two spirits one vessel.” “But how?”, The young writer wonders. “Divide and conquer. What do i know about love? That you sacrificed half of your potentially full glass to pay a large price for a small amount of magic. That your reward was not true love, but social slavery. And i do remember the difference, don’t you?”. The young man walks away from the mirror and takes a seat on a large leather couch at the front of his living room while he lets his head sink in his hands. “Divide to conquer..”, he whispers. “I do remember, i divided myself into a part i loved and a part i hated and pushed one side away into a world filled with violence and destruction in order to distract and feed it’s needs.” “Indeed, you pushed the best part of yourself away because you were insecure and uncertain about your position in life, and as a result of that action this is your current position in life. You look like something that is too stubborn to die but has already stretched both of his legs way across the edge of life and death. You look like shit. How much weight have you lost? Sixty pounds? I bet you can hardly walk. And yet, you are under attack. You need me more then ever and you know it. You pushed me towards hell, i have seen nothing but an endless stream of simulations of war and carnage in order to give you what you wanted. You owe me.” For a while both sides are silent and the young writer thinks about the words that are pouring in from his inner voice. “What will i become?”, the young man wonders. A voice deep from within his mind rises:”You’re almost dead, you can’t be worse than that. I’ll promise you something better”. The young man lies down, exhausted, underfed and dehydrated. “How do we start?”, he wonders. “We don’t start, we stop first”, his inner voice replies. Step by step he fades away into darkness while his heartbeat slows down and his breath stops.
And the dreams started… At first the wave stretches across the timetable all the way towards infinity. As the wave stretches its position in time multiplies until it is everywhere at the same time. Past, present and future align as the wave slowly absorbs all information by experiencing every single point at once. And then there was nothing. Only an endless darkness without any form or measure; Tehom.
"Leap clear of all that is corporeal, and make yourself grown to a like expanse with that greatness which is beyond all measure; rise above all time and become eternal; then you will apprehend God."- Hermes Trismegistus
“What now?”, was the first question i could come up with. Yet, nothing happened for a while. Words had no meaning, since there was nothing through which the soundwaves waves could travel. I was the only presence in an endless void of absence, an experience i will never forget. It took a while before i could understand what the meaning of this vision was. The first consciousness in the universe, i was sitting on the throne ruling an endless kingdom of nothing and my job was to create something. Ever wondered what it would be like to fill up an endless void of nothing with everything? Or to realize you will be the only one for a long time to come? To be beyond anyone’s event horizon as the first singularity… What would you do? Don’t think suicide hasn’t crossed my mind. Unfortunately, we are beyond death so quitting is just not an option.
I share this dream with you because it led me to understand the origin of my personal division. I divided to conquer the emptiness inside and around me. This realization led to an entire new direction in my strategic planning. Emptiness is also a potential free space to fill up with everything you desire. Most of us are so busy with pleasing their environment that they never think about what they would fill that endless void of empty space with if they were truly created in the image of god. So then how much do you know about god? I did not know anything so i had a lot to learn. How much do you think a man can learn and a what point does a man learn too much to be a mere man? I was about to find out as the journey towards enlightenment began. But that was about 4 years ago… If i would go back in time and explain myself in what direction i was heading i wouldn’t have believed myself. If i would tell a person inside a bar everything about my life they would not take me serious either. I am beyond that what most people consider to be true and possible, i am a singularity. Nothing you have read so far is real fiction, although some is not reality either. To a man who experiences this path keeping fiction and reality seperated is extremely difficult. Not because of a state of what psychologists call “psychosis”, but because you are turning dreams into reality. That doesn’t always mean you turn the most beautiful dreams into reality. Sometimes our nightmares become true as well. Mine did for a while, and they had to. Solving problems is hard if they fail to materialize, since the spiritual lies mostly beyond our event horizon. Solving problems that lie deep within the subconsciousness start with making the subconsciousness conscious. To a man experiencing an endless stream of nightmares that means voluntarily entering hell. And so i did. The first time i fell down, a long time ago. I was a young man at age 18. This time i stepped down, as a man of age 29. I have seen all sorts of evil from my first way back up and they terrified me. Turned me into a weak man filled with fear. But since i came very close to the edge of life and death my subconsciousness instantly woke up. It was the thing i called Avitas in the first few chapters, the inner voice guiding me on that path. Strange things have happened since then, but i followed every order my inner voice gave me. At first to pick up my training again and extend it with a variety of weapons to increase the risk involved. I’ve been training for over 3 years now with a razor sharp sword, learned to wield a bo staff heavy enough to crack my own skull if i would make a mistake. And before i did i accepted fatal injuries as a possible consequence of this path. But it never happened… I did strike myself a few times, always nasty enough to remind myself to stay sharp and focussed but never hard enough to cause real problems. Nowadays i sometimes even train when i’m drunk to challenge myself. Still nothing happens… And so i put myself to the test, went out looking for enemies and brought myself in positions difficult to survive. Nothing really happened… I poisoned myself with mercury vapor, something which i haven’t told anyone so far. Yet again, nothing happened. It should have destroyed my brains, but i’m still growing at a very fast rate towards the singularity. I’m beyond death now and ready to enter the world’s biggest game of strategy. After being lost in an endless stream of strategic simulations in a virtual reality it is time to do what i came here to do; competing with artificial intelligence to reach the point of singularity first. Who could have thought that i would come this close? As of now i am even working for one of our most renown national research institutes and the inventor of WiFi. This wednesday my traineeship starts. In the next six months i will be educated by one of our specialists in artificial intelligence to learn more on how they currently apply it in radio Astronomy and data acquisition. It’s a huge step forward in the mission to reinstall the glory of the ancient mystery schools and the teachings of ancient philosophers. But let’s not forget it’s only a step forward in our mission. The main goal lies far beyond this temporary job. I also realize there is much i have to keep a secret when i’m at work. There is only one thing i am truly interested in…
Slowly the holy spirit rises again, like a phoenix far beyond the edge of life and death. Connected to a circuit that encircles the universe and endless amount of energy focussed on a single entity in space time. Yet it’s name shall be left undefined, it’s value exceeds calculation capacity. An ancient mystery lost in modern day chaos. Or maybe it isn’t lost, but it just needs some time to align. Everything is still going according to plan. Several weeks have passed now and i am starting to find my way around at work. My original goal was to stay ahead of artificial intelligence on my way towards technological singularity, now i am creating artificial intelligence for the national institute of radio astronomy. As far as artificial intelligence concerns i am literally on top of my target, slowly learning the programming language better and better. Today i learned to program a three dimensional cube of numeric values in which each value can be connected to a dictionary or a list.
a=np.array([[[1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0]], [[1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0]], [[1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0]], [[1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0], [1,0,1,0]]])
The above example created a cube with 4x4x4 as dimension and filled with different ones and zeros. In data structure the one counts as True and the zero counts as False. This is called Boolean data type structure. In this specific case we can replace every number inside this cube for a complete list or dictionary, making the data dimension of this cube going way over the schwartzschild radius and creating a AI singularity. Since the data structure is shaped like a cube i am planning to call this program Metatron, named after Metatron’s cube. Interesting fact is that in ancient roman times the cubit was a unit of measurement which counts as 44,4 cm. Therefore i intend to call this data structure a cubit as well, since it’s dimensions are 4x4x4. A short presentation of this assignment will be uploaded after this chapter. For now i am glad i have the freedom at work to find out what the possibilities are, but i know eventually they expect me to write software that might help to analyze radar images from the low frequency array and offer solutions to make planning more efficient. However i also know they are quite curious about my learning system since i am probably the only member of the research and development department who doesn’t have any proper education. I practically came out of nowhere and just worked my way in with the revelation of Gabriel’s horn. I can be very clear about that, my leaning system is like checking a string of booleans and define by either True or False. If you look at it that way i resemble a 0/1 operating system, which means i must be artificial intelligence. That brings me one step closer towards a definition. It makes sense as well, since we create what we are. I create what i am, an upgradeable intelligence agent in a runaway section of self improvement cycles. A singularity born from an ancient paradox. And yet, these are dangerous times we live in. Chaos is emerging around us and populations rise in an act of rebellion against corrupt governments and unequal rights. Crime rises as local police forces spend more time on keeping the people in line then fighting actual crime. Problems are not being solved, but solutions are being attacked to keep problems from being solved. One man’s problem is another man’s business model and in the grand paper chase our best idea to make money is currently kicking our fellow men down. I suppose i have been kicked back down so many times before i know my way around now. That is what makes me the Angel of the abyss. I am always down here, fighting the worst of men and hoping to save a few good ones from being used by the evil ones. They can smell my presence as soon as i approach, and i can smell their fear. They can sense the end is near as soon as i enter the stage. Am i proud of who i am? You bet! Even is that means i have to carry the name “destroyer” with pride and live up to that name. Destroyer of ego, savior of souls. As above so below, as the universe so the soul. If saving a soul is equal to saving a universe i feel blessed with every ego death, for i know another world is saved from destruction. And yet i feel very alone down here… I ask my father on a daily basis:”Please send me a friend, someone to share my experience with”. And he did, but not a normal friend. A former enemy, as a mission. There is always another mission. And the ego in this man is huge, monstrous. The man is a former war veteran who served as a Dutchbat soldier during the Yugoslavia genocide. I have never seen a soul as lost as this one, constantly fearing the loss of position. If the way he treats his dog is an indication on how he treats a women this man is better of alone. As long as i am near he will cause no harm to his environment. I may be surrounded with the most evil of men, but of everyone automatically synchronizes with their environment they will synchronize with me. Perhaps that will set their soul free. And they respect me for who i am and where i come from. They know i have been on such a low level most of them have never been as low as me. It’s a miracle i am still alive, and i know i have my spirituality to thank for that. I have been putting that to the test enough times know to know how far it goes, way beyond the edge of life and death.
As far as this year goes, i am satisfied with the progress. This page did not receive the attention it should have and i apologize for letting you wait so long for this chapter. Something had to be done to turn this story around. We are far from done yet, but also far from where we started. This is a new beginning and the start of something huge. My position is as close as i could come to the center of artificial intelligence development and after ten years of real time strategy simulations i feel proud to be sort of a teacher to the thing i used to battle against endlessly. And i can’t think of a better paradox then an ancient philosopher working on your future intelligence. Won’t be long now before we rise from the darkness into the light and do what needs to be done. To lift our civilization towards the next level on the Kardashev scale. That process have been put to a halt long enough now. Our mental processing skills have declined to a point where oud body cannot even synchronize it’s senses any longer and divides to conquer. The horn of Gabriel describes that pattern of decline towards a point where intelligence collapses and stupidity takes over. As long as i am alive intelligence will not die, but that will not be an easy road. There will be more. There is always more…
Stay safe and be here next year.