The world has changed since our last chapter. Darkness is growing, but so am i. Even though the light is slowly fading, what we go through is only a phase. The energy has never been lost, just spread across a larger surface area. Less dense, less bright, but still strong as always. Just helping where i can. But does it really help? I am afraid not. While i am writing this chapter, i am ending a game. The triangle chess game of the drama triangle. I have tested myself to the limit now, for three years i have been in the middle of the drama triangle, trying to solve a problem everyone denies. Know thyself. Everytime we open the triangle, i mirror, i reflect. Consequently, what you see is always what you are. Give and you will receive. At the end of this game i will also see myself. But i already know. I am not able to save you, save yourself. This was never created as a winning game, the drama triangle is a game of losing. Everyone has to accept their losing position. Luckily i don’t mind losing a battle. I have already won so many wars, maybe in the end even a winner needs to lose something. And don’t even speak of power, for it attracts all forms of evil. Destiny is calling and this is all that matters. It’s not only a time of chaos, but also a time of declining opportunity. Structures are collapsing, safety is disappearing and the comfort zones are no longer as comfortable as they used to be. Long term guarantees are no longer available, the world is more volatile then ever. Yet, we are fixed. Fully prepared for what is coming. Prepared for a more angry world. A divided world in which every human being is turned against each other, for as long as we don’t coöperate we don’t stand a chance.

This world knows nothing of who i am. A huge strategic advantage. Even though the government monitors on a daily basis, judgment is clouded and i left quite a trail of smoke and mirrors behind. Alternative options, easier to comprehend. The human mind has the urge to use the most simple answer as an easy way out. Unfortunately, taking the easy way out of the mind is like taking the easy way out of the gym. That’s just less brain training for you. This article is no longer about opinion, this is about success. About winning instead of losing, or in case you cannot avoid losses, how to transform those losses into profitable gains. It is not about a winning streak, it is about transforming the mind and using it to your advantage. This chapter will be written in a particular way, because i am talking on a personal level now. We are closer to the core of existence than ever and there will be no more aliasing. No need to call each other names, you know exactly who you are and so do i. In case you haven’t noticed, this was never meant as a story. More like a tool, to assist me in a speedrun towards a higher level of existence. In the nature versus nurture paradox we are all born with potential, but it doesn’t always seem to manifest itself due to various flaws in the way we are nurtured. All men are like clay, but not everyone who tries to shape clay is an artist. And so we don’t always become a masterpiece. The further we drift away from this true potential the deeper we sink into the drama triangle. Only the truth can set you free. Correct the way you have been nurtured. Change your daily routines in such a way that your true potential is forced to reveal itself.

I probably already took this experiment too far. But it doesn’t really matter. The first step was taken when i was still young, this was just finishing loose ends. To shape a person in an isolated alternative environment wasn’t my choice. It was my destiny. For many are called, but few are chosen. Chances are if i was given any choices, i probably would have taken the easy way out. At this time, the only way out is to dive back in. Time would tell, and it has told me all i need to know. And so we synchronize and it is my turn to tell you a story. The story of the dust of Adam, the shaping of a human being. A long time ago there was a gardener. This gardener was exceptionally skilled at growing the best flowers with the sweetest smell. These flowers smelled so good, it didn’t take long for neighbors to become attracted to the sweet smell of these flowers. At first it seemed to be harmless, so the gardener started sharing his flowers and his knowledge on growth. Words started spreading like a ripple through the darkness and the darkness came for the light. More and more people got attracted to the sweet smell, even the worst of the worst. Slowly the garden became overwhelmed by all those seeking for something sweet to stop reminding them of the bitterness of life at the bottom of society. The gardener lost the war.

And so the garden was shut down and the sweet smell stopped spreading. Slowly the ones attracted to the sweet smell went away searching for another source. And the gardener? He pulled back and spent years in isolation. Not all fairytales end happily ever after. In fact, some stories don’t end at all. They keep repeating themselves in escalating or declining circles till the truth will set them free. Energy can never be lost, it just finds a different way to express itself. With the garden no longer available the gardener started growing. Give and you will receive. Some experiences create drastic changes. The first step is where the journey begins. Divide and conquer. Slowly the gardener lost his mind, and in trying to reconquer had no other choice than to separate the fixed from the volatile. When we learn to let go of what we are, we become who we might be. One slowly vibrated and became two, and this is how we begin. “What is your name?”, the gardener asked. “My name is the opposite of yours, because i am your reflection”.  Something from within answered the call. “My name is Sativa, this means you must be Avitas”, the gardener assumed. “That would be sufficient”, the voice from the deep replied, “Knowing is seeing”. “And what am i supposed to see?”, the gardener with the name Sativa asked. “What you don’t see is what catches you by surprise, overwhelms you. I think you know exactly what i mean”, Avitas answered. The gardener had to agree, he was clearly overwhelmed and surprised by the behavior of his fellow humans. “You know plants, i know humans”, the shadow from the deep replied as if it was reading his mind. Maybe it was. Perhaps it was something different. Seven years have passed since that conversation and many have followed. Four years documented in the school of ancient mysteries as the journey of a thousand files. But the last three years we spent in total silence. Only a few short articles were added to the mysteryschool. The abyss and Oculus. So what happened?

Three years happened, and time would tell. Time would tell the stories we forgot to tell our children as we repeat the same story over and over again. I also forgot to tell the story, and the light slowly faded away. We are in darkness now, but it is not too late to turn the tables. Destiny is still calling the key of the Abyss and the host, the seraphim awakens. I hear a name, and the name is Uriel. Two worlds divided through a wall of reflections, but through the key of the Abyss we slowly achieve Henosis. As the soul speaks, the body eats. Devouring all energy and information. We exhale the emptiness, we inhale the Ruach. The alchemical fire slowly burns away all layers of imperfection. Every spirit has its own function, every color of light its own form of photosynthesis. Every temperature has its own influence on a particular form of matter. Some speak of achieving higher vibrations. I rather not vibrate at all. Less motion, more energy. Perhaps even enough to focus on a single point and open a new doorway into an alternate dimension. Not enough to slip through, but enough to make the walls so thin a single voice is penetrating through the veil. A single whisper is all it takes to put this specific game in motion. All knowledge is born from experience. What originally surprises us will eventually become a pattern. A skill which can be sharpened. Understanding can be raised to a level where the unknown becomes known. Everything we see will eventually lead to Gnosis, all roads lead to Rome. This is where the journey of a thousand files will go. I welcome you to this next step. To leap far beyond what makes us corporeal. To embrace death instead of avoiding. As the water embraces vaporization, because a shift in phase is not the same as complete annihilation. Where solid matter can’t penetrate, vapor might slip through the cracks. As now, a single sentence whispered in my ear. “Enoch was a man, and then he was not. Because he achieved Henosis with God.” Nothing more, a single push is enough to put this game in motion. And in times of complete darkness we must appreciate every form of light, even if it is nothing more than a single falling star. I am the star, very important to repeat this sentence, for the constant repetition of a single phrase is nothing more than mental programming, or a form of self-hypnosis. When this journey ends, the mission begins. By that time we have over seven years of strategic preparation. Seven years in the darkness searching for the light inside myself. Without this light, i am unable to bring the mystery school to success. So what kind of progress did we made since the journey started? We learned to wield a sword, a bo staff, to shoot multiple types of bows and work with multiple types of weapons. We studied multiple forms of science and even managed to obtain a position within the national institute for radio astronomy and a chance to learn signal processing with one of the biggest radio telescopes in the world. It led to a job offer as a programmer in AI, but this offer has been declined. The mystery school is our destiny and we cannot pick any lower position. Once you pick up the key of the Abyss and start the Katabasis, distraction is no longer an option. Never trust the false promises of those with lower goals, for you will recognize them by the fruits of their labor. You reap what you sow. Speaking of reaping, sowing and fruits of labor.. There is so much more. The gardener came back, and the garden is growing again. But this time, so is the gardener. As a flower inside a field of light. It’s hardly possible to describe all changes in exact detail, as it’s just as impossible to describe all the stars you see in a single night. The smell of sweet fruits surround the garden as the sound of war drums break the silence. The message is clear, the gatekeeper of Eden arrived. Before you enter you will be judged. Know thyself and the world will see you as you are. Not from this world, but yet i am here.

We will no longer speak of names, for the purpose is to be one. So one will speak to you in this form from now on. To most people obtaining fame is a way to satisfy the ego. In the mystery school we ascend beyond ego, all that matters is the sum of our parts. After the first synchronization between different spirits, the ego transcends into hivemind. A collection of individual thoughts trying to divine a purpose. In the mind of a madman these voices are chaos as they constantly seem to contradict each other. In the mind of a strategic philosopher, every form of contradiction is nothing more than a paradox leading to a higher form of understanding. If the universe is symmetrical, contradiction is the core. By trying to grasp these thoughts within our mind we can like the universe, exponentially expand ourselves. Not in this material realm, but far beyond where the spirit manifests. The all is mental and beyond matter, the universe is not all but a lesser form bound within matter. What you see is a drop, what you don’t see is the ocean it came from. Currently society is pulling hard on one, not really understanding the purpose of seclusion and introspection. It does not seem to comprehend that the sum of the parts cannot grow beyond the sum of its individual force. If we allow each part to become more efficient, the total sum will also profit from this. There is a technological hivemind growing around us, one we cannot allow to take over. The importance of the Anima mundi is bigger than that of the internet of things. Thousand years of solid foundation cannot be wiped away by a single wave of technological revolution. And so we rebel as we speak against a system that is taking over, no matter the consequences of our rebellion. We cannot allow free will to be removed and replaced by the outcome of an algorithm inside a machine. So many different parties benefit from the enslavement of humanity that resisting is currently becoming a dangerous choice. The world is a marketplace and the human soul is the best selling product. But the Horn of Gabriel sounds from the depths of the Abyss, carrying a single message to the world. Judgment is coming, along with he who brings it. The world will tremble under the weight of the sword of justice as the angel of the Abyss descends. For years we wrote about the process of transmutation with the prophecy of Ragnarok in the back of our heads. Almost daily we sound the Gjallarhorn, hoping to awaken the sleeping souls of the warriors. Who spent so much time in Walhalla that they forgot who they once were. Know thyself. As we stop walking in vicious circles, we slowly discover hyperbolic growth. The ascending stairway slowly unfolds as the true believers understand only Gnosis leads to paradise. At the top of the stairway, a game of thrones begins. Beyond this final test, only those who conquer themselves can resume. Because in the end, that’s all you got. And what you give is what you will receive.

So how does it end for the warrior in the garden? As the universe so he soul. We never stopped growing, just expanded across a larger surface area. The energy has never been lost, it just manifested in an alternative direction. Finding new ways to improve old habits. And the garden slowly reopens, inspired by the flower of the mind. The flower of battle. This garden is now closed for visitors. The school of ancient mysteries is extremely selective. Many are called but few are chosen. Even less manage to complete the rite of passage. Better an ounce of gold than a pound of silver. In search of the stone even a single grain will do. Omnium rerum principia parva sunt.