Lesson 1: Divide and conquer.


The first lesson you will learn in this class is to recognize strategy. Everyone knows a bit of strategy. Strategy is simply forming a plan to influence something or someone in the future. The world is full of strategy. We all use it, most people aren't even aware of the strategies they use. The goal behind strategy is domination. To controll a person or an event, or maybe an object. One of the most known strategies on earth is divide and conquer(Divide et impera). The principle of this strategy is if you divide one big mighty army into smaller groups, you can conquer those small groups one by one. It would offer a bigger chance of succes then to take on the entire army as a whole. Divide and conquer is everywhere around us. Not only in our social structure, but even in our teachings. There used to be a time where there whas no difference between spirituality, science, religion etc. It whas all part of knowledge. Today our global knowledge is divided into many different types of educations. You can follow an education about economy, science, philosophy, spirituality, strategy and so on. But there isn't a single education wich offers the whole truth. The school of ancient mysteries is going to change that. We teach knowledge in it's primary state. All categories will be combined into the primary form of information.

 Before you are ready to accept truth for what is it you must first recognize how much of divide and conquer is influencing you at this moment. The strategy has been used for thousands of years now and the world has never been so divided as it is today. We are all humans, but divided into many different groups. Jews, muslims, teachers, police officers, politicians, racists, rich people, poor people etc. The entire human race has been divided into mere breadcrums. The real reason behind this is that each one of those groups is to small to really stand up for something and make a difference. A small group doesn't really matter to a big world. It often gives people a powerless feeling. We all see the injustice which terrorises this planet on a global scale, but we also know we can't do anything to stop it. This powerless feeling stimulates negative emotions, which divide us even more. It's a growing spiral which has a huge impact on the global population.

The strategy doesn't end here. Divide and conquer is also present in our knowledge. We divide knowledge into tons of small sections and stimulate people to specialize in one of them. By specializing in one of those sections you get to know a lot of a tiny bit of the truth, but still don't have a single clue about the big picture. You can be a specialist in local laws and still don't know what is going on in this world. Realize that knowing the truth has never been the primary goal of any education. The only thing they teach you at school is the knowledge you need to know to succesfully do you're job and earn money. They won't teach you any more then you need to do to fulfill you're part in this economy as an economic slave. The only way to escape this world of economic domination is to be prepared to learn more then you're job requires.
The first step in this learning process is to look around you and see how many of this divide and conquer strategy you can discover. Think of it as a challenge. If you are able to recognize strategies you will be able to avoid them. To escape the game of chess we play on this planet and become free of slavery and domination. If you can find a way divide and conquer is applied to you which hasn't been mentioned in the lesson I have given today, feel free to mention it below. Help others recognize this strategy and avoid it aswell. Together, we can make a difference.
Good luck!