Lesson 10: Evolution in waves.


In lesson 5 we learned about the waves of creation. According to this principle, humans come in waves aswell, since we ourselves are a creation. Our behavior comes in waves, our emotions come in waves, our energy comes in waves and even our evolution comes in waves. Those are the waves of creation. A vibrating energy, which is kindof logical if you keep in mind that the entire universe vibrates. This means every entity inside it vibrates aswell, each on it's own frequency. In fact, this infinite vibration is the energy responsible for creative energy. But how does this affect our evolution?

 We have two worlds we live in, as above so below. One is the physical reality we see around us every day, the other one is the spiritual reality inside our minds. These two worlds are a perfect paradox, they are both the same aswell as the opposite. Both have natural laws, both are ever expanding and both offer us a variety of experiences. Those are some similarities between the spiritual realm and the physical world we live in. There are major differences aswell. The spiritual world has no gravity and it's inmaterial. Most people don't see the spiritual realm as a real world, since it is inmaterial. This is a simple effect caused by materialism. How can you ever see the inmaterial if you only care for the material? One huge similarity between the physical and spiritual world is the fact we evolve on both planes. This movement, as all of creation, moves in waves. From external to internal and back to external again untill we are perfected. It doesn't take a genius to notice we aren't evolving externally any longer. We don't need it any longer in order to stay alive. Why? Because we create tools. Our body has been completely perfected to the use of tools. Give a monkey an i-pad and you'll clearly see the evolutionary gap between a man and a monkey. And so human beings stopped evolving externally and there tools started develloping. We grew from farmers and carpenters to rocket scientists and engineers. We build the impossible and create entire virtual worlds. But what next? Are we done yet? Are we perfect? Apperently not, since we use all those brilliant tools to dominate each other, to kill, to destroy and to pollute. We have a planet filled with all kinds of tools but we are barely capable of finding any decent goals for all of these toys. We are like a planet filled with children playing with their dad's gun, hardly capable of seeing any concequences. If we stay on this level, the most positive thing that can happened to us is shooting ourselves so we can cause no further damage to the enviroment. If we where capable of colonizing other galaxies in this phase we most likely would cause the first intergalactic war entered by mankind. So the next step would be to use all of the things we create in a responsible way. Without killing ourselves, each other, or the enviroment we live in. We need to go through a spiritual evolution in order to survive. This doesn't mean we all have to start medidating right away. Meditation is only a way to use you're mind. The key in spiritual evolution is only to use you're mind a bit more often. To consider the consequences of you're actions more often. To become aware of the natural law of cause and effect, the laws of vibration, the understanding of a paradox and the secrets of transmutation. Think of it, here we are with a nuclear arsenal big enough to eliminate us all and still, a huge amount of people are barely capable of knowing the consequences of drunk driving. I think it's safe to say our tools evolved a lot faster then we did. Most people aren't even able to use their computer in a correct way without destroying the software. If our tools continue to grow in this speed the difference between our mental capabilities and the possibilities our tools provide us with will continue to grow.

This spiritual evolution has already started and it will have quite an impact on society. People will start seeing the destruction we've caused on this planet and the pain and suffering we deliver to our fellow humans. We are a species divided to the bone. We will finally all be able to see what we have done in the years we live on this planet. This is the predicted judgement day. But there will be no divine judge to tell you if you are good or evil. It will only be you and you're mirror. You will start realizing every action has a reaction. Give and you shall receive. There is only one true judge in this world and it only understands the laws of nature.