Lesson 11: the human constellation.


As above, so below, as within, so without. Everything in our universe is a repeating process, a rhythm. A cd filled with songs of life which is played endlessly. What applies to the macrocosm also aplies to the microcosm. And what works in the strange world of quantum mechanics also works on the astronomical scale. For example, Einstein already stated that on this level, very strange events might occur. Like two particles exchanging information over a very long distance in an instance. It doesn't fit our logic. However, NASA recently discovered the Sun and the earth have similar possibilities. They call it "electron diffusion regions", which are some sort of portals which have a direct connection to the sun. So if what works on the small scale also works on the large scale then all of these facts also apply to us humans. People always had a fascination for the stars and the universe. Almost the same fascination we have with mirrors. Even though we all are so different in how we think and act, it is still something which almost every human being has in common. We like to see things that reflect ourselves. Our reflection provides us with energy and information. The planets in our solar system reflect us aswell. Not many people realize this. Maybe it's the same reason Gods like Mercury and Jupiter where compared with planets aswell. Perhaps we where once more aware of what truth really is then we are nowadays. For example, Mercury whas considered as the messenger of divine knowledge, bringer of the truth. He whas also known for his speed. The planet mercury is closest to the sun, so it rotates around it faster then all the other planets. This is the part of the comparison most people are known with, but there might be more to the story. Because of it's short distance to the sun, Mercury also has a very rough climate. It temperatures vary enormously. The side directed to the sun is extremely hot and the dark side very cold. This could possibly reflect his character, meaning he whas a man with huge mood swings due to the fact he whas so close to the truth. The truth can make a man cold hearted and filled with fire. Or filled with passion inside, while looking rather cold on the outside. Truth creates dualty in all of us. And since we each have our own distance to the truth, we all experience our own ups and downs. Some people are very passionate, with lots of temper and love. Some people are so distant from the truth they barely have emotions at all. Cold on the outside and cold on the inside. Comparing the human character to a planets climate provides us with lots of guidance. How does the Earth have such a stable climate. Probably due to it's distance to the sun. It's not so close it becomes unstable, but it's close enough to experience the ups and downs needed to feel alive. To give birth to new life and to be safe enough to have other life in it's surroundings. There is no life on Mercury. So perhaps it whas nearly impossible to live with the man due to his mood swings. Keeping a safe distance from some forms of truth is better to keep a stable character. And still, we are all drawn towards it just like planets are slowly drawn towards the sun. Becoming more and more unstable. Like the planet's climates, we humans all have a very unique character and it's not always the one suitable for life to flourish in and around, but it is always constructed in a similar way. We can even compare our DNA structures with the composition of a planet. Every planet has it's own mixture of different materials that form it's inner core and surface. We humans each have our unique structure of genes given to us by our ancestors. It decides who we are from the inside and who we are from the outside. We share so many similarities with planets that they might even inspire us to do unique things. Since space exploration has expanded, we discover amazing planets. Planets which are filled with diamond rains, burning seas, or multiple sunsets. We find the most amazing landscapes in search of that one planet that looks just like our own planet Earth. So the question is; are you a planet with a burning lake, a diamond rain or do you spawn unique lifeforms that we have never seen before? Or just a dead piece of rock with nothing special to see? Think of the things you would want to see on the surface of a planet and try to be that planet. Explore the planets around you and let them inspire you. Because if humans are like planets, there are always humans with such an amazing composition and atmosphere that we would all be amazed of the miracles they spawn. Think of you're favourite singer.