Lesson 12: Mathemagic.


This lesson ends a cycle. A cycle of 12, which is a very important number in mathemathics. Mosts people would simply call it maths. Lots of people hate it aswell. Making difficult calculations requires a lot of energy from our body. That`s why most people avoid difficult calculations. However, the amount of energy it consumes should be enough to convince us of it's power. According to the laws of nature, energy will never be lost, only transformed into other forms of energy. So this massive energy consumption means something very important is created. A mathematical pattern.

 Thousands of years ago, people viewed the world from a different perspective. Their world was not infected with various forms of entertainment to restrain the mind of human beings. They where able to see all the different mathematical patterns in nature, by carefully observing it's behaviour. The patterns of growth, of adaption, of evolution and of consumption and production. Since they lived so close to nature and where completely at it's mercy, knowing everything about it whas a must those days in order to survive. People needed to be able to predict the behaviour of nature. And this goes beyong a simple weather forecast. They wanted to be prepared for anything nature could throw at them, even their own species. This is the origin of strategy, mathematics, chemistry philosophy and spirituality. Analysation of predictability gave us understanding of the laws of nature. However, through the ages we lost track of a major part of this puzzle due to the destructive potential of strategical knowledge, especially the strategy to divide everything into smaller sections. We divided the huge pile of knowledge we once gathered into so many small pieces we lost track of the bigger picture. This is all due to the laws of nature. Everything exists out of opposites and the laws of polarity work on all plains. The growth of specialisation in small parts of wisdom is the decay of understanding the bigger picture. A natural balance of ups and downs. In fact, it is the energy wave we call civilisation. With enough knowledge about human thinking patterns and the natural reaction it triggers one might even be able to forecast the rise and fall of civilisations centuries ahead. In ancient myths, the greatest mathemagicians where often called oracles and where highly praised for their ability to warn people for future disaster. We do the same things today when we look at the news and see a tornado warning. It is a simple vision of what the furute might bring to you based on locical formula`s and various calculations. Most of this work is done by computer nowadays. We make tools to make everything easier in our lives, but is every tool we have actually an improvement? The mind and the body are connected to each other. They have lots of similarities. Just as muscle tissue will deteriorate after a while if you don't give them enough training, the same thing happens with the human mind. As we continue t o put more of ourt labour into the hands of computers and technology, the human body and mind deteriorates untill they will no longer be required. If you make yourself replaceable you will be replaced. As long as you have an important keyposition in the process of production and comsumption you are protected by natural laws of balance and polarity. There a re so many patterns in nature wich correspond to the behaviour patterns of humans, that we might as well state that the primary cause for lack of understanding of fellow humans has it's origin in lack of understanding of how nature works. Our lack of understanding

how nature works finds it's origin in our growing interests for technology. Everything we experience is a reaction which corresponds to our own actions. We create our own opportunities and we destroy our own creations. If our growing understanding of technology results in lack of understanding of ourselves, then what will happened if we loose control over the people who controll technology? These behaviour patterns have been here for ages, and we once knew a lot more about them. But ancient civilisations left some clues for us. A few leftovers from the divine knowledge from legendairy civilisations in ancient history.
One of the most incredible stories is that of the kingdom of the wise king Solomon, who according to the legend had a very deep understanding of the laws of nature. He even knew that animals reflect our behaviour. All of his wisdom, according to the legend, has been locked in a single seal; the seal of solomon. Because 12 is such a magical number with a very deep meaning hidden inside, this 12th lesson will be presented with a gift. The seal of Solomon translated into a more understandable diagram for people. Information is not a product of humanity, information is a product of nature. Therefore, no man shall claim what doesn't belong to him. This seal belongs to all of humanity. I wish you luck at finding you're personal patterns inside this compass and hope you will be able to turn you're mysteries into reality.