Lesson 13: Predicting the future.


This will be one of the most controversial pieces on this page. Not many people believe in prophecies. And why should they? Most of the people who did them where frauds. However, there is always a bit of truth hidden inside lies. One of the most mysterious aspects of Toth whas his knowledge about time. This is why people called him the messenger of the gods who came to Earth to bring divine wisdom. Toth compared the events which happened over a certain timespan with the motion of a pendulum. We walk the same circles over and over in an ever expan ding timespan untill the circle becomes to big, then we go straight ahead, like the motion of planets around the sun. If you know a persons past and the choices they made, you can predict how the're future will look unless they change their pattern of choices.

 A human life can be compared with the behaviour of artificial intelligence in computer games. People who have battled against artificial intelligence in strategy games know that the computer always has a certain pattern which will become predictable after experiencing it several times. Same units, same attack formation, same base lay-out. After a while it all becomes to easy. You are able to predict and prevent every attack and will become indestructable. Humans are not so different from artificial intelligence. They also have predictable behaviour. This is where psychology is based on aswell. It is what the government uses to keep people in check. If there are any abnormal patterns which don't align to the mediate predictable behaviour patterns you become a risk for stability en they will keep an eye on you or force you to take therapy to become predictable again. Toth knew that the human mind works on pattern recognition and he developed his skills to the highest levels. He whas able to see the pendulum-like motion in everything that moves. The circles of experience that are made. Normally these calculations would require a lot of energy for an average human mind. We could write schoolboards full of formula`s to come to such answers. However, a pattern also looks a certain way, like the waves of an ocean. This is what we call the waves of creation. Since everything in nature comes from the same basic pattern you can litteraly see the future in the stars. This is also where taroth is based on. The cards inside a taroth deck all represent certain behaviour patterns of people. The prisoner, who is a victim of his own choices, unable to escape his negative spiral, the magician, who creates things from his imagination etc. Most of this knowledge has been declared as either witchcraft, satanism, occult or superstition. This is also a very recognizable pattern. People fear that which they cannot explain because they don't know what to expect from it. It's hard to imagine certain people are indeed able to see how you're future looks like, pretty scare even if you consider the fact they are probably aware of every step you will take long before you take the step. They can see you coming from a mile away because of those predictable patterns, just like an experienced strategygamer can predict the moves of the artificial intelligence he fights against.However, this a lso opens a lot of possibilities. If you see a person walking a negative pattern, like the prisoner in the taroth deck, you can show him which choice he has to make to escape this pattern and enter a new one. You have the ability to reshape a person entirely. We are what we do, so by helping a person change the things he does you change the person itself. This is what Alchemists call the secret of transmutation. It doesn't only work in chemistry, it also works on a psychological level. In fact, the effects can be a lot more powerfull then the healing effects of most of the psychological mediation we use nowadays. Sedating people doesn't alter their behaviour pattern in an effective way, it only makes them lethargic. Stabilizing behaviour isn't that precice either, it simply takes away the rough edges. Only one thing we know really changes a persons behaviour permanently in an effective way without any negative side effects on the body, teachings.

In his ancient predictions, Toth also sayd his spirit would return to Earth many times. What he actually meanth with this is that the information he spread in his books while he lived would be discovered again many times. And by absorbing all the information he has given you have all his knowledge and therefore you have a part of his soul inside of you. A soul is simply the information in our head, gathered during our experiences in life. If you write those down and spread that information, you're soul will return to earth. Someday, someone w ill walk the same pattern you walk with the same information you once had making the same decicions you once did. This is reincarnation, a simple return of a pattern, like the pendulum always swings back to where it came from. The same circles completed again, over and over and over..