Lesson 16: from duality, singularity is born.


With todays lesson I wil close a pattern. Maybe even a lot of patterns at the same time. All patterns we know are the same in basics, sharing their priciples of duality and singularity. Not many people know what a singularity is. In scientific terms a singularity is a natural phenomenom that defies logic. A free unbound spirit or entity that has not been attached to any rules of logic yet or which has escaped those rules. Singularities and dualties form an eternal pattern of waves. The only pattern that actually exists and matters. The singularities give us endless possibilities, but we are also bound to the rules of duality.

 All those paradoxes are very hard to comprehend, but they are also all the same. This means if you understand the basic principles of paradoxes you are able to complete them all. One key which fits all locks and opens all the doors to all the realities possible. Now I can go on and on in a cryptic form of explanation, but the challenge is to make this concept understandable. Dualties are not hard to explain, we all know tons of them. Heat-cold, love-hate, truth-fiction, and positive and negative. They are always in balance, flowing from one to another for eternity. Like the electricity in our home appliences always flow from one direction to another. The singularity is a bit harder to explain, especially if we want to understand the potential power of it. According to Einsteins theory of relativity nothing can exceed the speed of light, this is an essential law of physics. Singularities have the ability to break those laws and to prove all our facts can become fiction once we throw a bit of singularity in it.

A great example is that a group of high school and college teachers and students recently proved that under certain circumstances sound can travel faster then the speed of light. Luckely this all fits within Einsteins theories so no wrong has been proven there. However, it does offer a lot of new options on the technological scale. A child is also a good example of a singularity. At birth, a child is potentially everything. We shape our children by teaching them and letting them experience. Those techings eventually turn the wild and pure nature of the child into a shaped and domesticated form of human. We call this adulthood, but adulthood is actually the same as duality, a singularity completed with external influences. If two adults form a match, they might create children. If two dualties match, they will create a singularity. A possibility for miracles to take place, like the birth of a child.
I stated that I would end a pattern today, a completion of a new singularity. Most of the miracles take place inside us without us even realizing it. We are so occupied with all that happends around us that we fail to keep track of the inside. We all like to be a singularity sometimes, escaping all laws and rules that bind us to everyday life. Those who manage to escape all those rules often long for the opposite. Something that binds them . We are always flowing from one point to another. By exploring those opposites we become more aware of what lies in the middle. On how we create those moments of singularity, because a singularity is only a phase. As descripted in ancient alchemy, a volatile which turns into something fixed. The fixed turns into something volatile eventualy, when it's structure colapses. This is pattern is visable in everything in existence. So what pattern am I closing today? A learning pattern. We can see nature as an excellent example. The formation processes in nature also apply to the formation processes in ourself. By exploring all opposites and equalities of the field you study you become more aware of where the posibillities lie, the singularities of you're study. I have been through a very long process myself, which whas neccesairy to complete a project I have been working on for a very long time now. A story about personal change. No one can tell a story better then the person who experienced it. Only that person can describe the exact emotions and experiences which they write or tell about. No matter how many times they tell you the tale, to them the true memory of it makes them experience it again and again every single time, like a traumatic event. But it doesn't have to be that way. As above, so below. A person experiencing destructive behaviour due to trauma can also experience creative behaviour due to the opposite of a traumatic event. Like a dream coming true over and over again every single day. I have a lot of stories to write