Lesson 17: The paper voodoo doll.


Todays lesson will be a very shocking one. The principle described in this article has already been in use for quite a while. Vision however will always be limited by perception. You're eyes cannot see beyond the borders of you're understanding.

 You've probably all heard of the story of voodoo dolls once in you're life. Voodoo is an ancient magical ritual which has the ability to connect someones feeling to that of a doll. Ones the person and the doll share the same feelings, the doll can be used to controll the will of the person connected to it, or to inflict pain on a victim by applying force to the doll. Most people consider voodoo to be a form of superstition, but what if I told you we are all being supressed by a certain kind of voodoo? A paper voodoo doll, in the shape of a file with you're name on it. Every time someone damages that file or uses it against you you will suffer the consequences. Before you get scared, know that there are certain ways to defend against these rituals. Let me start with explaining what we are dealing with. I'll show you how to create a paper voodoo doll and you can try this ritual with you're friends to see their response. According to the myths a vodoo doll can only be created by obtaining a personal asset from someone. In horror stories, this is usually a piece of a persons body. The paper voodoo doll works a bit differently though. To create a paper voodoo doll you'll need to obtain someones personal information. Like a major secret from the person's past or something they tride to hide from their enviroment. So the first step is to give a piece of paper to a friend and ask him to write down his biggest secret, the thing they don't want anyone to find out. This is probably where 99% of you're friends already show fear by refusing to cooperate, but let's just pretend they do. Now ask you're friend to give you the piece of paper with their secret on it, again 99% will probably refuse, but what if they don't? Try to threaten the person now with making this secret public, the'll probably do anything to prevent it. And yet, we are only talking about a single secret now, how many secrets does a person have? If all you're secrets would fall into the hands of the wrong person they can even choose the way they want you to suffer. They can make you feel shame, fear, hate, grief, almost every feeling has a hidden secret which is connected to it.

This all sounds pretty scary, but allow me to wake you up. Have you ever written personal information on a paper? And who owns that piece of paper with you're personal information on it? Be aware that this person now has you're soul. Goverments, companies, maybe even some of you're friends.Selling you're soul means writing you're biggest fears and darkest secrets on a piece of paper and offer it to the highest bidder. Think about it, who are the people who keep trying to get every bit of information out of you through intelligence, spynetworks, electronical databases, surveillance, criminal records birthcertificates and every form you have to fill in these days? Do you trust you're information to all of these people? How much harm can they do to you? We'll, probably a lot more then you thought. This is not only a matter of images being shattered, with the right information, the law can be used to justify almost everything. Taking people hostage, forced medication, life long imprisonment, financial punishment, therapy, forced labor and in some countries they might even convince a judge to execute you with the right information. In fact, it can even be done with wrong information. Switching a file with a fake one is not that hard. Our information is not so well protected as our money. We put gold behind nummerous security measurements, but the most valuable information about who we are is pretty much out in the open. Government databases are hacked frequently and our electronical highway is not even remotely safe.
Our world is full of paper voodoo dolls, probably a box full of them for every human being. What can we do to prevent this? Stop connecting people's lives to a piece of paper. I guess with our paper society full of forms this is a bit to late. So how can we fight back? By obtaining all the secrets from the persons who try to controll us so we can take an eye for an eye. By being who we are instead of pretending to be someone else. A man without secrets has nothing to expose, a man without fear has nothing to fear