Lesson 18: Balance is a mystery, mystery is balance.


One of the most interesting paradoxes in the universe is the paradox of balance. Everything is in balance, yet everything is in motion aswell. This is quite confusing, because a balanced scale has no motion. Motion will only be added to the scale once it's off balance. To most people this doesn't sound very interesting, but once you realise how much the law of correspondance affects you you'll find out balance is everything. So, where is the balance in a universe that`s constantly in motion?

 The answer is not only very complicated, but very easy aswell. We are an essential part of that balance. A pendulum has a balance aswell, although it's constantly in motion. Swinging from left to right in an almost perfect balance. Almost because there is no perfection. Nothing in this universe is created perfectly, not even we. We once roamed the planet like a bunch of disfunctional monkeys, hardly capable of building anything. We adapted to everything our enviroment threw at us and thus we got closer to perfection. We where able to push back every time nature pushed us towards extinction. That`s the balance in motion. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Nature pushes us towards extinction, we push back to assure we survive. But what does it mean for us on a personal level? The law of correspondance works on so many levels most people will never be capable of even coming close to a balance on all levels. They are simply unaware of their personal influence on their surroundings and on themselves.

Maybe this is for the best. Great power comes with great responsibility and people can cause a lot of damage by making simple mistakes. Maybe some books where never meant to be read, some knowledge never meant to be spread. Forbidden fruits of wisdom stolen from the garden of Eden. The stories about divine punishment go back a long time in our history. We all know we are on our own. There is no god watching over us, and why should there be any? To whatch over people who found enough wisdom to take care of themselves? That sounds kindof unological. So I guess we advanced in our understanding far enough for me to state that there is no god who guides us without being prosecuted for sacrilege. However, there is no such thing as coincidence either. We are in charge here. We can do anything with this planet we want, but we have to bear the consequences of our actions aswell.
The tricky part is we are not fully aware of how many things we can controll and how this thing called nature actually works. We know a lot of things, but still it's like we are playing with a device we haven't even begun to understand. So what can go wrong? We might exterminate ourselves in the process if we push the buttons we shouldn't be pushing. That`s why spreading knowledge and understandig is very important to increase our chances of survival. How many balances are we in charge of? We have a balance of energy, a balance of information, a balance of structure, a balance of emotions, a balance of relationships and a lot more kinds of balances we are hardly aware of. The more layers of balance we can discover the more influence we will have on our lives and on our surroundings. Our mental powers for instance are highly underestimated. According to the 7 principles everything once came from a mental unity and we are created in that image as an equal but smaller version. We don't only have the power to create, we have a lot more feelings then any other animal. One of the most important types of balance is our emotional balance. Lots of people feel like they barely have any influence on it. They consider themselves to be victims of coincidence and human evilness. However, there are many natural laws that tell the opposite. Energy can be transported and changed, but it will never be lost. If someone throws negative energy at you it has to come from somewhere and you must have done something to trigger this reaction. There is often a very reasonable explanation possible and nearly every action done by humans is only a pattern of behaviour forged through years of experiencing life on earth. We give what we receive and we receive what we give, as above so below.
Distribution of energy is one of the most important factors in a human live, and yet hardly anyone is aware of this. Some people where very aware though, like Nikola Tesla. He knew electricity is present on so many different planes it's actually rediculous we still haven't found a way to create free unlimited energy. The entire atmosphere is filled with static energy, this is what causes lightning. You're mind is filled with electric pulses aswell, like the mainboard of a computer. Everything you feel is simply a result of electrical pulses wich feed the software in you're brains, this makes personal balance a very interesting paradox. Even though we have many forms of balance inside our body and mind, it can all be reduced to one simple primary rule. Lethargy attracts energy, releasing energy creates lethargy. Give energy to be released of energy and you shall receive energy. There is a lethargy for every form of energy you'll release, and it will find you