Lesson 2: The essence of time


First of all, my apologies for the short delay in presenting this lesson. However, time has always been an illusion. I promised to present this lesson yesterday evening, but what is yesterday and what in an evening? Those are simply terms we gave to a period of experience in order to comprehend reality. The entire essence of time is nothing more then a product of the human mind. We have been creating these principles for ages just to give form to all the chaos of prime matter that really surrounds us. We gave the chaos of reality structure to make it easier for humans to understand the world around us.

 An ancient prophecy predicts that this is the year time will end. How could they predict this so accurate? The secret of time is baked into the building scheme of the great pyramids. The pyramids are build in a certain pattern called the Fibonacci sequence. It has been named after Leonardo of Pisa, nicknamed Fibonacci, who wrote about this ancient mathematical row of numbers in his book Liber abaci in 1202. He learned about these numbers when studying Arabic and Indian mathemathics. No one knows for sure where this row of numbers come from, but it has been proven to be a part of nature. Even sunflowers grow according to numbers in this sequence. However, there is more to this sequence then you would think. Everything we know is a subject to gravity. Everything we create, even time itself. When the illusion of time whas created, the creator already knew that there would be a day this would all collapse. He even calculated the exact year with the help of the Fibonacci sequence. Time expands in both ways they always say. But how far can time expand? It can be compared with throwing a rock into the sky. With enough energy it will go very high, but there will be a moment when the kinetic energy you put into the throw runs out and the rock will fall back to the earth again. With the three basic principles of philosophy; information, energy and structure, you can even calculate the maximum height you can achieve. You have probably all had the feeling that you're life has been a constant deja vu of things you have experienced before. You think you're past experiences will stay history, but then you have the same situations over and over again. This is because you're choices also have an effect according to the Fibonacci sequence. There is no guarantee they will last forever. Life is simply making the same simple choices over and over again untill you choose differently. So what is history and what is future? They are both an illusion. You plan you're future and still none of you're plans really turn out the way you thought. You think you know you're history, but once the truth comes out you realise this history they teach you is not exactly what it should be. It is all filled up with information, energy and structure. The three basic principles of creation. By putting an enourmous amount of energy in learning true and false information on a structual base we have created our own history and our own future. But everything around us is relative and so is our past and our future. We can make what ever we want of it.

If this does not disturb you, then maybe the next part wil. According to the principle of nuclear fusion combining 2 opposite matters will release energy. This principle does not only count for the material but also for the inmaterial. Information is generated inside our brains by or consciousness. We can generate 2 types of information; true information and false information. By combining these two opposites we release energy. Since our history and future is a simple product of the combination of true and false information, time is the energy released by these two opposites. How long can this energy continue? Energy looses it's force one day, and this day will start here. The opposites of true and false information have never been so extremely distant from each other. The world is filled with all sorts of true knowledge, but it has also been filled with lies. The product released from this combination is the time we know and it moves in waves between truth and lies, just like any other form of energy is moving in waves between opposites. But what if we start deleting one of these 2 opposites? Then time no longer has the motion it needs to keep it's energy intact and it will collapse. So by simply stop spreading lies abour our history and future we can stop the entire perception of our history and our future at once and start living in the one and only form that has not been created by humans. The presence. Time converted back into it's state of Prima materia, or chaos.
This is the lesson I would like you to think of. For most people, it would probably be a little to much to comprehend, but for those who can still follow me on this one I have a new assignment. Try and find out the truth about you're history and you're future and delete all the false information people have provided you with. The effect will be mindblowing and it will change reality as you know it.