Lesson 23: The twin towers of Babylon.


Today I will mix a history lesson with a bit of prophecy and pattern recognition. To grab you're attention, I gave it a rather catchy title, the two twin towers. We have a thing for building high towers. The world keeps gaining towers every day. Unfortunately we also have a thing for destroying towers… Almost every human on this planet knows of the tragic 9-11 incident. What many people forgot is the ancient knowledge of behaviour patterns which warns us not to build towers.

 A well known story of the past is that of the mythical tower of Babylon. After the great flood, one mighty dominant man realized he was mighty enough to declare himself king and to unite people and build an empire. To honor this great empire he ordered the people to build a great tower, reaching the skies. This great display of wealth and prosperity attracted a lot of people and as the story about the great and powerful empire spread across the region many people decided to move to the city to experience this magical wealth. Unfortunately not all the new inhabitants had the same customs and languages so the city soon fell into chaos and the mighty empire crumbled. We have a saying which still reminds us of that incident, a confusion of tongues. After the city fell the people spread across the planet. To most readers this isn't a new story, but the following comparison might shine a light on the ancient art of doomsday prophecies. Several ages later, there was a mighty superpower called the United States of America. Their wealth exceeded that of most other countries across the world. To celebrate that wealth, they created two large towers which could reach the sky, so everyone would speak of this mighty country and the two towers. They even called those two towers "the world trade center" as if all the trade in the world only went through these two towers. We now call it "ground zero" to remind us off the terrible slaughter that happened there. The last people that entered those towers did it with bad intensions and a lot of violence. They spoke with a different tongue then the country who raised those towers, a tongue that preaches war instead of peace. Sever years later the war in Syria started and it's still going on this day. Refugees flee to all corners of the world to escape the ongoing violence of world war 3. I call it world war 3 because so many different countries are involved at this time, even more then where involved in World War 2. Although it's not openly discussed, the war in Ukraine is also connected to the war in Syria. In Ukraine the government has support of the US and the rebels are supported by Russia, in Syria the government is supported by Russia and the rebels are supported by the US. The circumstances are exactly opposite to each other. In a sudden urge to display their holy compassion Germany practically invited all of the refugees to come Europe. "We will take care of you", is the message. However, beneath this message is a very grin motivation. Clearly Germany is still burdened by the guilt of mass genocide. The refugees do what every man who needs help would do; travel to those who offer help. However, like the display of wealth attracts good people as well as criminals and thieves, the display of compassion does the same thing. Perhaps there is a thing in displaying things that doesn't seem to work like mankind thinks it works. Kim Kardashian recently learned the same thing. Showing off with a 4 million dollar ring gives you lots of fame, but it might get you robbed as well. So what happened next is Europe suffers from the largest migration crisis they ever faced. People from all sorts of backgrounds live in Europe nowadays. If you travel to a European country now and go to a local supermarket you'll learn to understand the problem with the confusion of tongues. The girl behind the counter tells the customer, who doesn't speak her language, to pay 5 euro`s. The customer doesn't understand and gives the girl 2 euro`s. The man next to the customer is clearly agitated because he is in a rush to get to his work in time. Third in line is a Buddhist, who doesn't understand why the man is getting agitated, life isn't about rush but understanding according to her faith. The funny thing is when it come`s to our files on the computer we understand why we need to keep the text documents separated from the pictures, why all the games are installed in the same folder. When we enter a supermarket we also understand why every product has its own shelf instead of just throwing all the products on one big pile. But when it comes to people we are suddenly lost. We throw all the nationalities in the world on one big pile and get confused if it creates chaos. What did you expect? If you throw all products in the supermarket on one big pile you'll create chaos as well. But then we get the statement that we don't need to be separated because we human being are all the same. This is confusing to me actually, because if I look at people from other countries I see a different appearance and when I speak with them I notice they think differently as well. So apparently we are not all the same and throwing us all on one big pile only creates chaos. So what do we need to do to solve this? Maybe try the opposite. We don't discriminate or consider it to be an act of racism when we put all our music in one folder and our pictures in a different one; we just see logic in it. We don't love those files and we don't hate them either, we just handle this procedure from a logical point of view. We understand what makes both file types different and why each type needs a private space. History repeats as long as we refuse to learn from our mistakes. Soon the confusion of tongues will lead to downfall once again. The great tower of compassion in Europe will go down a lot faster then it has been raised. The social security system is already collapsing in the Netherlands. To compensate the large pressure on the financial system the government has even introduced forced labor to people on welfare. We are one step away from reintroducing slavery. The only difference is this time we managed to make it look as an act of compassion. If the information is not corresponding to the image it is only a matter of time before the structure collapses.

So my doomsday prophecy for today? Europe will fall if it doesn't act quickly. But the trick is always to see beyond darkness. There is also opportunity. Not only the opportunity to build something new, but to learn from one of the biggest mistakes in history of civilization as well. One that might be very important if we ever wish to connect with species from other planets. How do we deal with major differences among creatures? If you consider the fact the world is getting pretty overpopulated and we can all connect to each other through social media nowadays, maybe this is one of the most important lessons to learn.