Lesson 24: completion.


This is the last and most complex lesson I'll write down. The end of a complete cycle of 24, a magical number in nature. Nature is filled with natural numbers and geometry. Pattern which can be found in every living creature, every atom and every grain of sand in the desert. Everything tells the same story; the story of creation.

 In the beginning there was only mystery, a mental unity from which everything has been created. Compare it with you're personal imagination which also inspires you to create things. But what comes from imagination? Thoughts which give information. So from the mysterious singularity came a lot of information, the beginning of the first paradox; question and answer. However, there are always two types of information; true information and false information. Based on true information we create energy and structure, but false information can only lead to chaos and emptiness. So now we have the first complete consciousness. These rules apply to all conscious beings. Humans also work the same way, a mental pattern in which we are bound by nature. This also leaves us with 3 paradoxes that need to be present in an object to classify it as conscious; the paradox of mystery and information, energy and lethargy and chaos and structure. When humans think of intelligence in outer space we always arrogantly assume that we are the most intelligent beings in this solar system, but are we? Who is more intelligent that it's student? It's teacher, but who taught us everything we know today? Don't be too quick to answer that question, we simply don't know…

We can dig in our history and find the most amazing stories. The ancient Sumerians say they where visited by an alien civilization which taught them everything called the Annunaki. The only evidence which may support it is the fact the ancient Sumerians had very complex maps of our galaxy which they couldn't have obtained by staring at the night sky. Another amazing story is those of the ancient Egyptians, who claim they had direct connections to the gods. They tell the story of the messenger Thoth who gave them divine wisdom. This story has also been adopted by the Greeks who gave Thoth the name Hermes. If we start digging for the truth behind this story there is actually some proof which may support this claim. The thing is; we don't believe in gods anymore, so the instant someone used the word "god" people turn their back to the story and walk away without realizing people used to write things down in a more poetic way. For example; if it starts raining we'd say nature is responsible for the rain but a couple of thousands years ago people would say it was a gift from god. Gods laws are simply laws of nature, the word of god is nature's wrath. In fact, if you replace the word god in the bible for the word nature the whole book suddenly makes a lot more sense. Ancient writings shouldn't be taken literally, but they have to be read like the stories of a child. Mountains where the great pillars of god, the wind the breath of Zeus, it's a very clear pattern. With this in mind, a messenger of the gods can suddenly change into a man who can tells us a lot about nature, a philosopher, physicist or chemist. Our vocabulary changed a lot over the years, but what remains the same is our urge to exaggerate things. One thing is for sure, when it comes to teachings we probably learned the most by just observing nature. When it comes to perfection no one takes things as serious as nature does. Only the strong and functional are allowed to survive and if you would try to cheat on nature you would probably find out you don't stand a chance. In fact, we already are being punished by nature for cheating. Nature never planned for so many humans to survive, we just cheated nature with the help of health care and science. It has lead to several complex issues on this planet. For example; an epidemic disease has no chance to spread if this planet wasn't so crowded. To keep up with our global consumption as human race we produce so much we are destroying the planet we live on, and we have no spare so that's quite foolish. Our differences in culture and emotions are also a much bigger problem when we live next to each other then when we would live a few hundred miles apart. These are all forms of nature's punishment for cheating on its system of natural survival. A person who is stupid enough to dry a cat in a microwave simply shouldn't be alive. It has no function in nature's plan for perfection. That's a very cruel thing to say, but think about it. Nature always has been quite cruel. A young bird that leaves the nest simply has to fly or it will die. No mercy for the weak. If things don't work as they should nature will replace it with something better, the process of evolution. We humans have so much to learn from nature. What do we do with people who don't do their jobs like they should? We don't always replace them by someone better. Sometimes our emotions take over and we suddenly decide to give people mercy, or we like them to much to replace them. We get emotionally attached to people and things. Or money gets involved, also a very unnatural process. A bird who can't fly hasn't got the option to buy an airplane ticket with dad's money. Every time nature tries to punish us we cheat it a bit bigger. Nature develops epidemics, we cheat with medicine. We protect the weak, teach the stupid and help them with all sorts of machines that can do the thinking for them, we heal the sick and we even replace limbs with machine parts. Imagine what nature has to do to exterminate a nasty infection of humans. We are like a plague on this planet. What happens to us when we catch an infection which is attacking our health system? We'd do anything to get it out of us, so nature will probably do the same. We simply have the choice between following nature with respect and accept it as our ultimate leader who will punish us if we don't listen or face the consequences.
So what can nature teach us? All about how to reach perfection, or as ancient philosophers would say; "Nature can even show us how to change lead into gold". It is this form of understanding that is the foundation of philosophy and science, or according to the myths; the philosophers stone. Nature changed a bunch of monkeys into humans, fish into birds and bacteria into whales. Nature can create everything it wants and destroy everything it wants as well. Even an entire planet of talking monkeys is no match for nature. It simply throws a comet at our doorstep and we are all history. No one would ever know nature made the mistake to create us humans. Now that's an efficient cover-up, our government can also learn a thing or two from that. But then again... If you think about it we already send out some radio waves into the galaxy and a few probes, so our information would probably still survive. Like the words of Hermes Trismegistus:"Truth like the sunlight shines above all". Our truth would still survive. No one can mess with the first paradox; truth and question. This is what they used to call "the word of god". This is a perfect time to mention the story of an ancient biblical king who said he received a symbol from god which gave him the power to do incredible things; king Solomon. If we would translate that to modern language it would mean the man found a geometric shape in his quest for truth that gave him this power. The geometric shape which I placed below this text. This shape explains the process of the first three paradoxes which came into existence and are the foundation of every living creature and every atom around us. Or as the ancient philosopher Thoth Hermes Trismegistus wrote on his Emerald tablet:" the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world". The paradox of question and answer, the paradox of chaos and structure and the paradox of energy and lethargy. Try to see how many times you can find the same geometric shape which is officially called "the Star of David" as I placed below in ancient history. You'd be amazed to find out a lot of ancient cover ups are involved. Even the Freemasons are involved; just compare the Star of David with the symbol of the Freemasons. Every single question you could ever come up with will be solved with the help of this mental compass if you apply the rules of gravity on it. Energy always travels in waves, ups and downs. The process of a paradox is exactly the same. Always from positive to negative and back, like a swinging pendulum, caused by the vibrations of the universe.
So what now? Reach perfection? Create everything you can possibly dream of? You have the free will to do anything with it. To choose between creating what you desire and creating what you need, based on emotions or logic. Choose carefully and think of the things I mentioned before. I have already made my own choice. I believe in balance, so I will try to restore balance with it. All I wanted when I found it was to restore the balance in myself and I consider this to be a gift from nature, or god. A reward for paying attention to it's class and accept my own position as a mere student who has to shut up and listen when spoken to. So I will give nature a chance to restore its balance back by spreading this information amongst people. To give them a very powerful item which they can use to restore their balance or to destroy them. According to the myth of King Solomon; to change people into angels or demons, or as we would call it today creative people or destructive people. I used to be one of the most destructive types of people. A strategy game addict who's only desire was to destroy as many armies as possible. It became an obsession, until reading patterns of human actions and reactions and plotting plans to control them was the only thing I knew. This is my attempt to restore that balance. An attempt to teach the philosophy of the world to the world, without expecting any favors in return. A mere thank you would be sufficient. That would be the same as I gave for it, and as I mentioned before I love balance. I live solving problems, fixing things and helping people. I'd help nature if I could, but this is all I have to give, that which I received. Not to obtain perfection, but to obtain completion. Since we can destroy the primary paradox of question and truth by simply spreading lies I guess even nature isn't that perfect, or is it? Time will tell wither truth does shine above all like the sun, or if it can be extinguished with darkness.