Lesson 3: The power of information, structure from chaos.


Today i`m gonna start with something that you won't hear in any other education. A part of this worlds beginning that has not been publicly known yet. It all started ages ago in Ancient Egypt, where Toth Hermes Trismegistus started the worlds first education at the Ancient school of mysteries. When he started his teachings, he made a calculation which is encoded in the great pyramids of Egypt. According to Hermes, the world existed out of three parts; information, energy and sctructure. Those are the building blocks of creation. By putting lots of energy in the spreading of information amongst people he created a structure of peace in a world of chaos and constant war. However, Hermes whas a very intelligent man. The Egyptians even saw him as a god and the Greeks considered Hermes to be the messenger of the gods. Hermes knew that with the spreading of information, there would always be 2 types of information; right information and wrong information. According to the Fibonacci spiral, those two would grow slowly untill there would be so many right and wrong information it becomes impossible for people to understand reality and the world falls back into chaos. This is a system of ups and downs which is in every aspect of nature. Newtons third law:"What goes up must come down". He knew that the structure that would rise from energy that`s put into the spreading of information would create the rise and fall of civilisations, as we have seen throughout history. Every civilisation would have a structure of peace and balance, a flourishing economy of wealth and poverty untill the differences between the two opposites becomes so extreme the civilisation collapses again. The sequence of a vibration.

 "Information is like a rock thrown in the lake of time, creating waves of influence"

NASA already discovered recently that the entire universe vibrates. Information vibrates aswell. Acts as an invisible force of nature. There will always be right and wrong information, just like there will always be gravity. Humans didn't create information, we only discovered it and used it to create things. That is what we do. We use things to create other things. One of the things we did create is the principle of teaching. We taught each other what to think and what to believe. And since we started doing this we taught each other good things and bad things. We received right and wrong information. Both in equal quantities untill it's nearly impossible to separate fiction from the truth. When this happens, we fall back into the chaotic state of mind, which preduces unpredictable behaviour. This is also why we have an increased number of confused people out on the streets. They have so many true and false information they can't comprehend reality anymore.They become a danger to themselves and their enviroment. We cannot to anything to prevent this. How harsh this may sound, it is simply a matter of evolution. Nature seperating the strong from the weak. In a world with so much information to use, mankind needs to be able to absorb and comprehend a lot. The human brain needs to evolve. When the need for evolution arrives there are always two types; those who evolve and those who extinct. Creation and destruction, always a paradox. Nature has reached a point where it will sort those who can use this increasing pile of information from those who can't. The strong from the weak. Every time a civilisation collapses and people fall back on their own the clever ones will survive and the dumb ones will die. We can't make this sound any prettier then it is. Denying the truth is like denying gravity, the results won't be positive. Hermes Trismegistus whas intelligent enough to calculate these events by using the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical row of numbers which explain how growth works in nature. He even calculated that there would be a day when civilisation has reached it's peak and a massive apocalypse would occur when it collapses again. This is in fact the apocalyptic event predicted in many ancient cultures. It is the piece of information spread by Hermes that has survived many civilisations, due to it's importance. After this last apocalyptic event on Earth, mankind would evolve into a higher state of consciousness, thinking outside the box. We would finally stop fighting each other over a tiny piece of earth, but use that energy to start colonizing other planets. Turn all the negative destructive energy on Earth into positive creation on other planets by working together as one species, like we are supposed to do. Because even in war, nature stands above mankind. If the chessboard is to chaotic, nature will enter the game and will show humanity who is boss on this planet and in the entire universe. This is the last lesson mankind needs to learn and also the most important one. Use nature for creation as you desire, but never bite the hand that feeds you.