Lesson 4: waves of creation


Today`s subject is a mix between different diciplines. We already discussed how through the well known strategy of "Divide and conquer" everything we know is divided into small parts to strip it from it's power so it can be conquered easy. Knowledge used to have a single principle aswell. Knowledge in prima materia. Undivided and very powerfull. Since that time, it has been divided into a lot of different sections. Art, spirituality, science, chemistry, philosophy, psychology, anatomy, martial arts, sociology, strategy and so on. Our knowledge is more divided then ever. The effect of it is that people all specialise in a small part of knowledge but are never able to see the big picture. It would make you uncontrollable. Besides, you don't need to see the bigger picture to be able to function properly as a tax paying factoryworker.

 This school promises things they don't learn you at school because it combines different parts of knowledge together to present a bigger picture of what this world is we all live in. According to Alchemy there are three basic parts; energy, structure and information. They are linked to the Fibonacci sequence, a row of mathematical numbers which describe the spreading effect of action-reaction in a wave pattern. The most interesting about this sequence is the fact that it is the beginning of everything we know. Everything comes from waves. We recently discovered that the entire universe vibrates, energy spreads in waves, it is all connected. If an action occurs, energy is released. This energy spreads in waves, according to the Fibonacci spiral. In these waves, we recognize patterns, or structures. This is what provides us with information. We use that information, add a bit of our own energy and create a new structure with those two. It all comes back to the three basic principles of the philosophy of the world by Hermes Trismegistus. Forget about the Quasars and the Higgs particle, that`s analyzing a breadcrum. This is an explanation on how the entire loaf of bread functions. Besides, if all that is up is the same as that wich is below, then this means those 3 basic principles work on every level. We learn at school that everything exists out of atoms but you'll never hear about how we create from energy, information, the Fibonacci waves and paradoxes. You don't need those things to do you're work. Or, maybe you do?

We all put large amounts of energy into the structurised gathering of information. This is called education. So in fact we all function according to the three basic principles. For example, lets say you are a factory worker who creates lighters. You would have had to learn how to make a single lighter on a structurised base. You've probably put large amounts of energy into the gathering of this information. Once you are finished with gathering information, you put energy into creating multiple lighters. The more you repeat this task the more lighters in less time you'll create. The effects of the fact you learned to create a single lighter spreads like a wave. This wave is a new form of energy we call wealth. A type of energy we created ourselves.
Now it's time to ask yourself, how many useless information did you learn at school? We all remember the times when teachers taught us stuff we never ever used in our entire life anymore. I once learned about a mathematical term called "Factorial" . I never used it in any occasion in my entire life and I doubt I ever will. But still they put energy into learning me that. Why haven't we ever learned how creation works? It seems quite important since we create things on a daily base. The things is, once you know how many things you can create you become uncontrollable. All you need is to gather information on a structural base and put large amounts of energy into this and you can become everything you want. The effect will spread like a wave and the more you do this, the easier it becomes.
Try for yourself. Inmagine the thing you always dreamed of. Gather a lot of information about it and if there is training involved, repetition is the key. The more you practice the easier it becomes. You can be a sportsman, a scientist, poet, it doesn't matter. Talent is a lie. We are all the same and we are shaped through our experiences and teachings, but we where all once prima materia, potentially everything.