Lesson 5: Energy


One of the most important parts of science is the creation of energy. Energy is what we humans thrive on. All our fancy toys and gadgets need this, but we humans have a lot of it running through our body aswell. One of the most important formula`s concerning energy is Ohm's law. It simply states that the amount of energy wich flows is a result of the tension between two opposites. The higher the difference in potential between the opposites, the bigger the energy produced.The only thing blocking this process is resistance. Another important law of physics is the fact energy can be changed in all other forms of energy. Keep those two laws in mind, they are more important to us humans then they teach us at school.

 When we look at these two laws of energy most people will probably think about house hold appliances, electronic gadgets, transportation etc. But hardly anyone applies these laws on the human body itself. Wich is very strange since we all know humans are filled with different sorts of energy. For instance, when we move we use our muscles to generate kinetic energy. Our muscles are driven by electronic impulses generated by chemical processes. How fast we move depends on a lot of aspects wich can each be categorized within Ohm's law. If we move while our enviroment doesn't, we have a high difference in potential. If we and our enviroment both move, the difference in potential is low and we won't go very fast(like swimming against the current). Resistance can also be explained within the human body itself. If you are happy you will run a lot faster then when you are sad. This means emotions can determine our resistance. With a little imagination we can clearly see the difference between sadly swimming against the current, or running across the street while being extremely happy. With this knowledge we have a lot of influence on our personal energy production. This knowledge has been known for thousands of years. The reason we forgot about this is because we are so focussed on creating and understanding our enviroment we hardly have any time left to focuss on our own body and mind. It's also a result of the fact we teach children they don't really count for much in a world that`s so big. "the world doesn't revolve around you" is a sentence we've all heard once, but how much of this is true? You're experience and role in this world depends on you, so you are more important then you think.

Knowledge of what goes on inside us and around is has increased trough the ages. The only difference between the past and the present is that nowadays we are each specialized in particular parts of wisdom. No one really has the complete picture, but we are all focussed on a very small piece of it. Knowledge about the energy flows inside the human body has been a primary goal for a lot of spiritual disciplines. Much about it can be found in the yoga sutras of Patanjali and in Buddhism. However, most people who practice yoga of Buddhist monks are not comparing the knowledge they have on the energy wich flows trough our body with the laws of energy in Physics. Mind can only be over matter if we let both interact. This means in order to gain full controll over you're personal energy you must read both the knowledge available on Kundalini energy aswell as the knowledge about Physical energies like electro magnetism and nuclear fusion. Because both of them are extreme opposites, spirituality is often seen as a counterpart of science, the combination of those 2 is the completion of a new paradox. And according to Ohm's law, the difference in potential between those 2 offers an impressive new source of energy to our mind and body. But how much energy you will generate depends on resistance aswell. How open you're mind is to new idea`s and new impressions and how much influence the world around you still has on you're personal developement.