Lesson 6: Once upon a time


Today a more entertaining article then all the previous ones. One that starts with a very dramatical openingsentence; Once upon a time. Everyone has things they can imagine after hearing these four words. No other animal has such an interesting history then us human beings. Even if we consider the fact most people don't really know much about their own history, most can still imagine so much of it. Life has been so difficult to lots of humans through the ages they had to come up with all sorts of ideas to keep themselves alive. We hardly ever realize how tough life must have been for people thousands of years ago.

 Humans consider themselves to be evolved. This is a huge misconception. Our tools have evolved. We use robots and computers instead of hammers and shovels. Just to prove this; how many of us would be capable of surviving in a hostile enviroment like the Earth whas before civilisation came up? No police, no millitairy, no court, no hospitals, only you're body and mind to solve every crisis you come across. Most modern people would probably die in such a world. They grew up in a world with so many tools and services available to help them stay alive and safe they never even learned any survival skills at all. To most of us, surviving is nothing more then having a job and doing our groceries at the local supermarket. We never hunted an animal, never picked any wild fruits or vegetables and never had any experiences in fighting for survival. Since the day we started putting so much efford in upgrading our tools and properties we neglected the only two things which will always belong to us; our body and our mind.

This whas supposed to stay entertaining so i`m not discussing our degration as human beings any further, this whas only to make you understand how much controll over mind and body humans used to have compared to modern day people. It's a logical effect of the lack of property to focuss on. There's another interesting fact about humans which is very important before we dig into our history a bit deeper; human exaggeration. Tell a story abour a fish you caught of aproximately 20 cm in size and by the time 20 people have told the same story again we're already talking about a shark. It's a simple interaction of reality and our imagination which causes this. This has been part of our behaviour for centuries. And if you consider the fact that even with modern day tools as digital camera`s and youtube movies human exaggeration still exists, imagine how this used to be thousands of years ago. A large alligator would easily become a massive dragon. However, there is always a source of truth behind those stories, and to find the truth in it is to understand how exaggeration works.
Now remember those two factors well every time you read a legend or another story which has it's origins in history, the fact we tend to exaggerate things and the fact we degraded in the way we use our mind and body to it's full potential, it will give you a different impression of what our planet used to look like and what kind of people used to populate it. And with this introduction the story really begins. Once upon a time, this planet used to be populated with amazing people. Gods, heroes, dieties and magicians. The stories told about them used to inspire people. Nowadays people hardly take them serious anymore, but every form of fiction has a certain amount of truth hidden inside of it. Even the stories which we create from pure fantasie have some degree of reality inside, because our fantasy is also a mere production of the reality we live in and the things we experience. So when we read the stories of how gods once roamed the Earth, we must accept the fact it has to hold some degree of truth. But what defines a god? They all had some things in coming, like extraordinairy abilities and a large number of worshippers. The fact that these factors emerge in every story means this must be the base of truth inside the fiction. Since we still have people with extraordinairy abilities and lots of worshippers in modern society we can assume this is a fact. Just to give a few examples, we have people with incredible acting skills and lots of fans, we have great athletes with extreme capabilities and lots of supporters, even great illusionists with their share of fans scattered across the globe. If you compare this with the stories told about Heracles, Merlin, Robin Hood and even Zeus, we can easily fit those characters in a realistic image. Another simple fact is people also use to tell stories to learn each other about life and to spread wisdom. Greek literature often held some sort of valuable life lesson inside it's fictional stories. An entertaining way of teaching people about philosophy. With this information in account, we can already conclude that every ancient story is either an exaggerated version of what really happened or an entertaining way to teach us something.
Most people read one of those ancient legends and consider it to be just a mere fictional story. They barely ask the questions that really matter; Are they trying to teach me something? Or is there some degree of truth hidden inside this fiction? You would come up with some interesting new possibilities. Multiple sources tell the story about the god Zeus who could controll lightning. Even the most respected writers of this modern day society must admit that it's pretty difficult to generate such an image without having some underlying source of truth to feed you're imagination. What does that mean? Does it mean that some inventions like electricity have been invented ages ago before we just rediscovered it and found more use for it? There are lots of unexplained ancient artifacts which you will never hear off in a normal school. They are buried in some archive in a museum somewhere on this planet. And since no one really knows what it does of where it came from it won't be displayed either. Just to prove my point in the idea that electricity might have been discovered way before we did, just google for "the Baghdad batteries" and judge for yourself. Think of the amazing things some spiritual performers from India can do or the amazing body controll achieved by some athletes or martial artists. We also have scientists who can do the most amazing things which would sometimes seems like magic for some people. Even the burning of seawater is no exception.
If you thought I whas going to tell a legend today I must dissapoint you. There are plenty of those already in this world. The only thing I wanted to share today whas the origin of legends; humans doing extraordinairy things. Humans trying to teach each other new ways of thinking and give them inspiration. Maybe the inspiration to become the source of a new legend themselves, because we all have the potential to become gods to some sort of degree. With todays article, I hope I made history come a bit more to life and inspire you to find out more about who you really are and what you're purpose is on this planet. The answers are all hidden inside our past.