Lesson 7: The secret of transmutation.


This is in my opinion one of the most valuable lessons to learn. When we speak of transmutation in alchemical terms, most people instantly think of turning lead into gold, the legend of the philosophers stone. Those that still look at this principle with such a clouded vision need to take a good look at lesson 6 again where I explained the way legends are put together. Transmutation is simply turning a thing into something else. This can also be aplied to an energy, a phase, a thought, a feeling or raw information itself. Alchemy is not a mastery which is suitable to those who only exist on the material planes. To discover the true secrets behind alchemy it's important for an initiate to enter the teachings with an open mind. The most valuable assets in life cannot be bought. You can buy a book at the bookstore, but it takes time and dedication to absorb the information inside of it. Only to those who understand this and realize that the information you have absorbed from the book is more valuable then the book itself alchemy can offer an everlastng source of power.

 Once you realize the most valuable thing in you're personal life experience is the information you carry inside of you , we can start with the transmutation process. Now think of yourself as a character in a massive role playing game. No theme is set, you can become practically anything you want. Don't you instantly have a dream image of how you would like to see yourself? Those who have followed the posted video about the teachings of Toth(Tehuti) know that according to Hermetic principles all creation came from the one. The mental unity responsible for the creation of the universe. How did this mental unity create? How do you create things? We imagine, then we realize our imagination. The completion of a divine paradox, reality spawned from fiction. Something created out of nothing, mind over matter. It is all around us. The buildings are realisations of the imagination of architects and designers. You're probably even an offspring of another human`s imagination. Only a few people are really created by their own fantasy. Most of us are influenced by a certain group we like to belong to. If you want to become a soldier, then you'll probably wear a uniform. Not because you picture yourself in a uniform, but because those are the rules of the group. The secret in personal transmutation is realizing how much you are influenced by the world around you. Why don't people look just the way they would like to see themselves in dreams? According to the legend of the philosophers stone the first step is to create prima materia. This is considered to be the first element, which holds all potential. It can be anything you want it to be. You where once prime matter aswell. You could be anything you wanted to be. Did you ever wonder why you turned out the way you are today? It's not a difficult question. A part is the result of your own choices, the other part is a result of influences by you're surroundings. Cause and effect. A real master in Alchemy understands cause and effect to such a degree that he can undue all the undesired effects by changing the cause. He is not only capable of self-creation, but also capable of influencing his surroundings on a large scale with the help of the Hermetic laws. One of the most difficult steps is full understanding of the laws of cause and effect. Those operate on such a large scale that it might take time to fully understand your own part in this. Do not let guilt take you over. Understand that a negative action still offers the potential for a positive reaction. If you treat someone wrong, they can learn from that experience. It might make them stronger. This also applies to your own experiences. Every negative cause can have a positive effect. Just as a positive cause can have a negative effect aswell. If you help someone, it might make them less motivated to solve their own problems. Exploration of different causes and effects might take a while. Once you have a better understanding of this, you are ready to move on to the next step. All which is up is the same as that which is below.

This means we can change every cause and every effect to our own desire. If we don't like the outcome, change either the cause or the effect and do the opposite. You can try this in many different ways. Human interaction, life experiences and the lessons you've gained from them, you're appearance, you can even try to apply it on you're enviroment. The laws of cause and effect operate like an hourglass. You can always turn the glass around and create a opposite outcome. This is in correspondance with the laws of polarity.
What makes gold a valuable metal? It's rare properties. So how would you turn a human into gold? By giving it rare properties. Mind over matter. The true value of alchemy is not to turn a simple piece of material into another material, but to change the human mind into a more evolved state of consciousness. Most people who have been envolved into alchemy became scientists or artists.They shaped the world we know today by influencing it on a large scale. By generating information or by turning imagination into creation. Isaac newton translated the laws of nature for us so we where able to understand them. He transmutated information. Leonardo da Vinci transmutated his imagination into material pieces of art and creations. The dreams and information we carry inside of us are worth more then a simple piece of gold. The true goal is to turn imagination into reality. To create as we ourselve where once created. This is evolution from man to god.