Lesson 8: Structure from chaos.


This lesson is about a paradox. Chaos and structure, both opposites. According to ancient hermetic laws of transmutation chaos is the prime matter holding all potential. Structure is chaos transformed into potential. Structure comes in many forms. A story is a structure of words forming a pattern, a building is a structure made from material and information. Even you are a structure. You where born with a chaotic mind state which has been transformed into a certain structure of thinking through experiences and teachings.

 As above, so below. The introduction above is a small fragment of what i`m about to explain below. Everything we know is structure build from chaos. This is the primairy formula of life. This planet once has a chaotic climate, but one way or another, it eventually developed a certain structure in which life could exist. No one ever wonders how a chaotic climate recieves structure. Even though this might be one of the most important questions to ask when dealing with a global climate change. However, this wasn't going to be the subject of today's lesson. Today we treat the illusion of freedom. Freedom of choice is a divine gift. It is not one of nature`s own laws. Think of it, where did nature ever gave us any other choice then to fight to survive? To battle it's repeating attempts to erase us from existance? There is no space for free choice in this everlasting battle. Either you fight to survive or you will be exterminated. Just like an enourmous amount of species have already been exterminated on this planet by nature`s elements. They have lost the battle against the elements which has lead them towards extinction. But we are still here, so somehow we won the battle. Quite amazing since most of us aren't even realizing the fact we battle against elements. In fact, in the western civilisation most people don't know anything about any form of battle outside their console games. Quite amazing if you realize the world has always been in a constant state of war. If we humans wheren't fighting each other we where fighting nature's elements. So why do people experience peace in a world which is in a constant state of war? It is because we keep both worlds well seperated from each other. Some people experience hell and misery so others can live in peace. Think of it, somewhere in this world a soldier is losing his friends in war so you can go to a movie without being in constant threat by people with bad intensions. So you can experience the freedom of doing something other then fighting to survive. Most of this is based on Christian beliefs. And it took one man quite some efford to spread those beliefs. When we say "jesus died for our sins" we often don't think about what that really means. What is a sin? Greed is a major sin. The urge to gather more stuff then you could possibly need in a lifetime. You wouldn't have the chance to do it if you where constantly fighting you're surroundings. You wouldn't be able to keep more stuff then you could carry. So the fact somewhere in this world a soldier may have his last dinner gives you the freedom of choice to collect as much stuff as you desire. In fact, once upon a time a man whas tortured to death to spread the information which gave you the freedom to become greedy. To give you the freedom to commit a sin. To steal money from other people, to cheat you're wife, to hit you're children and starve you're pet. That sounds kind of negative, but information is prime matter. It can be turned into positive actions and negative actions. So I guess he also gave us the freedom to stop

fighting each other and just experience peace . To enjoy life as a single human race in harmony with each other. To create art, music, to play games and to compete each other in sports. To experience all good things life has to offer us. A divine gift for which a major sacrifice has been made. Only a highly intelligent philosopher has the ability to come up with such a plan. The structure of peace created in a world of constant war. And even though it is nothing more then a mere illusion, since the human soul always has the habit of creation aswell as destruction, the kind of destruction we cause to each other within the illusion of peace is always better then the kind of destruction we cause when in war with each other. When wquestio te origin of these stories we barely ask the questions that acually matter. Where did the knowledge to create such an amazing plan come from? According to the story of the prophet, after his birth his parents took him to Egypt. If we compare this to the kind of teachings he spread it shows a lot of similatities with the educations given in the ancient mystery schools of Hermes. Knowledge, which according to Greek beliefs came from the gods themselves, whas given to only chosen students who had the honor of completing the initiation process. They received teachings in ancient alchemy, the original form of science. Many famous people who searched for this ancient source of wisdom used it to accomplish great things. The prophet used this to create the information on which our christian civilisation lies. Information with the potential to be used for good or bad purposes. Unfortunately, not much good has been done with it.
With all the destruction we cause today with warfare and pollution and economic domination it's safe to say the world whas a better place before he sacrificed himself. All actions, have a equal or opposite reaction. We sacrificed himself so others could experience peace and freedom, but to maintain this illusion of freedom we have to keep making sacrifices. Innocent souls who never asked for all of the mysery they experience. And the group of innocent people who need to be sacrificed so others can keep experiencing the illusion of peace is growing bigger every day. Maybe untill the number of people who need to be sacrificed to substain this illusion is no longer worth the result it gives. All which goes up will eventually fall down. Every structure made from chaos will eventually fall back into chaos. And so the illusion of peace will eventually dissapear and we will all be in war again. And by then we only have a few options. Do we continue fighting each other? Or will we join forces to overcome the growing threat of our only true enemy, nature? Time will tell.