Lesson 9: A theory for everything.


Everyone always has a theory for everything. Yet, the question still remains:"Is there a theory for everything?". What if there has always been an explanation available, but we still refuse to admit the truth because it goes against everything we have been taught? Todays lesson tells the story of the creation of a universe.

 In the beginning, there was one. A single unity from which our entire universe has been spawned. If that is not clear enough, think of the structure of a black hole. It's a single unity formed out of an enourmous amount of stars and solar systems. That`s what the universe must have looked like when it started. So how did it start? Ancient Hermetic teachings tell us the entire universe exists out of opposites and vibrations. Those opposites constantly attract each other, so what keeps them seperated? The constant vibrating of the universe is what keeps them seperated. But how do vibrations work? Think of the ripples in a pool of water. They start as big waves, but eventually the vibrations become smaller. Nasa recently discovered that a black hole emmits these vibrations aswell, huge vibrations with such a low frequency humans can't hear it. Everything is connected and these sound waves tell us a lot about the matter inside the black hole. It tells us it's structure is stable at this time. If it would become unstable it would be shaking a lot faster and the frequency would be a lot higher. Just like a tall building would be shaking violently before it collapses under it's own weight. What would it look like if a supermassive black hole would be finished with his dinner and become unstable due to all the matter it absorbed? It would be shaking faster and faster, untill it collapsed under it's own weight and all those stars and solar systems it consumed would be blown away in a massive erruption. When we think of the beginning of our universe, this is most likely how it must have been. However, our universe could very well be just a chain of events in a much bigger picture. So how has the single unity from which our universe whas once created been formed? That`s maybe a more interesting question. The most logical explanation is that it whas once just a supermassive black hole in another universe. Now this is just a theory, like all the other theories . A theory which has the ability to explain everything. Most suprising is that this theory finds it's roots in Hermeticism, a science practiced on this planet since the beginning of civilisation. The source of all modern day science. Since this school had promised to teach things they don't teach you at school because it is either not functional or maybe to dangerous, lets just ask the question that perhaps shouldn't be asked. If the entire universe vibrates and this is what keeps all opposites apart, what would happened if you where able to stop the vibration? According to the above theory all opposites would instantly be united again and everything would collapse into a black hole. You might become responsible for the creation of a new universe, by starting a chain of events that leads to massive destruction before it starts with ultimate creation.

So how to stop those vibrations and create a black hole? According to the theory of nuclear fusion if two opposites interact, the energy inside is released. So to unleash the energy of an object the vibration which keeps all opposites seperated has to interact with it's opposite frequency. The opposite frequencies should cancel each other out. Knowing how easy it is for a human being to produce a sound with a desired frequency, this means it should not be that difficult to erase our entire planet from existance. However, this knowledge also opens the door to a lot of creation. As all information, it has both potential; potential for creation aswell as destruction. The more powerfull the information, the bigger it's potential. To help us advance on the evolutionary scale or to destroy ourselves with the repeating desire to turn everything into a superweapon. To be or not to be, that is the question.