Lesson 22: The dark side.


Have you ever had thoughts which where so evil you never spoke to anyone about it? A rather rhetorical question off course, if you did you certainly wouldn't tell anyone about it would you? This lesson comes with responsibility. First of all I wish to state the ancient school of mysteries does not support violence toward other species in any other way then for the purpose of self defense. The ancient school of mysteries is only for educational purposes and does not take responsibility for any misinterpretations of the texts that are posted on this page. Great powers come with an even greater responsibility. Now let's move on to one of the most interesting lessons to learn here. Acceptance of that which is evil and the endless possibilities inside of this dark realm.

 Those of you familiar with the popular sci-fi series Star wars already know a bit of the properties of the dark side. According to the storyline some warriors are seduced to join the dark side which promises great powers in return. A lot of people probably think this is pure fantasy created to keep the script interesting, but think about it. What is the thing mankind has been afraid of since the beginning of civilization? The dark side… And this fear isn't based on wrong thoughts. This fear is based on real danger. We humans naturally fear that which lies beyond our control. Both physical as well as spiritual. Evil thoughts often lead to uncontrollable behavior due to a mental weakness to accept that which you cannot change; the truth. The truth sometimes leads to insecurity and those who feel insecure often resort to violence. In their illusionary mind state they have justified it as an act of defense. They don't realize insecurity is only a produced by a lack of information or clouded vision. This is one of the biggest steps to overcome once you enter the dark side of the human mind. But this is still a bridge to far for this lesson. Today we're going to discuss some of the most evil people in history and their powers. The challenge is, as explained in lesson 20; to see beyond darkness. To find light in darkness, or positivity in evilness. Once you begin to understand the cornerstone of human philosophy, or as some might call it; the philosopher's stone, you will see that everything has its own dark reflection. When you stand in the light, you're body casts a dark reflection on the opposite side of the light source. Does this mean you're shadow is evil because it represents you're dark side? One of the things we use to do with those shadows is measure time with a sundial. This is a great example of the powers that lie hidden in that darkness since it gave us perception of time, which has changed our lives in a very positive way. Martial arts are also a great example of the positivity that lies hidden in darkness. Martial arts are a mix of the knowledge and technique to inflict serious damage on other people or to immobilize them. That sounds very dark, but since it is only practiced with the purpose of self defense it brings positivity. It gives people the power to defend themselves. History of mankind is filled with evil people, both fictional as well as in real life. Just to give a few examples; on the fictional side we have evil villains like the Joker, dr Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger from the movie Nightmare on Elm street or Voldemort from Harry Potter. All of these evil villains seem to be highly intelligent and cunning. In real life we have plenty of examples as well, like the Zodiac killer, the evil warlord Genghis Kahn, or the Nazi`s. But darkness can provide a man with a lot of physical force as well. The story of the incredible Hulk might have some scientific foundation.

Darkness has many different sides to explore which all give a man new powers. Controlling ones darkest emotions gives a man the option to give the body a shot of adrenaline which sharpens the senses and increases physical strength and endurance. We all know this sometimes happens when we get into a fight, but since these dark emotions like anger and rage can be triggered by thought we can control it by thinking of a situation we experienced in the past to trigger the effects. This is very common for people involved into contact sports. Transforming the person you fight against into you're worst enemy by thought might give you that extra bit of anger you need to produce adrenaline and give you're punches a bit of extra power. This is just an example of the powers that lie hidden in darkness. How much lies hidden in evil? Not many people explored the dark sides of their mind in search of the limits of their own capacity. There is a lot we still don't know about the way we humans work and about our maximum capabilities. Adrenaline isn't the only chemical which can be produced based on mere thought. When we think happy thoughts we release Serotonin which is known as a very powerful anti-depression medicine. What are the possibilities for chemical production inside a human body based on thoughts? I assume that would be a whole new field of research to explore. Every statement about good and evil and morality is in fact man made. Nature doesn't have laws of good and evil, only the laws of action and reaction. The story about the good and the bad is not the whole picture; the trick is to look ahead and to see the consequences of you're actions. Consequences make actions wise or foolish and those are the only factors to concern when you make a choice in you're life. Do you benefit from you're actions? Do they enlarge you're chances for survival in this world and do they make you a more productive person? Are you obeying the laws of you're country? Those questions matter a lot more then whether you are good or evil. So what does that make the dark side? A man made illusion, that`s all. A forgotten realm of knowledge and hidden powers waiting to be explored.
So, what is the most evil thing you can do without breaking any of the laws in you're country? Using people? Create an evil masterplan to take over the world? I bet all of you have had some opportunities in life wasted because you tried to do the right thing. Doing what`s right doesn't mean you'll be rewarded with good. Sometimes the consequences of doing what`s right can be quite bad. Sometimes doing what`s bad can lead to a positive outcome as well. Just to give a very extreme example, what if you killed a serial killer by accident while drunk driving? You would have stopped his killing spree, is that a bad thing? The problem with the dark side of the human soul is it can lead to very complicated and confusing questions, but all great powers come with a price. Every athlete knows it takes hard work to create a muscular body. It takes the same hard work to develop a stable and developed human mind. Avoiding obstacles has never been the best choice; the challenge is to overcome those obstacles. Sounds tempting don't it? The dark side can be very seductive. I'm not going to ask anyone to join the dark side yet, I only dare you to explore the possibilities and see if you can be tempted.