Two opposites are divided in a world of polarity but waves of information are breaking through. Between a world of fiction and reality complex numbers determine the outcome. The closer we come to the state of singularity the more dense the environment becomes. Normal dimensions can no longer hold the quantity of compressed energy and so the structure bends and reaches full complexity at the end. That end is a new beginning, where projection is reflected into state of simulation and everything is possible for nothing is true.

 “Nothing is true; everything is permitted”- Hassan i Sabbah

In the end, consciousness is nothing more than a metaprogram in a constant state of evolution. Where a combination of projection and simulation determines the outcome of realisation. We either give, or we receive.. Become negative or positive, a real or imaginary value in a very complex equation. If we do compare ourselves to a simple value inside a endless system of mathematical equations, the size of that formula depends on the complexity of your number. A number can be much more than a number, as a human can be much more than a human. Perhaps if we can compress an entire formula inside a single value we can also compress an entire universe inside of a single human mind. Or perhaps you already carry one inside you without even knowing of its presence.
“for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”- Luke 17-21
We all play the same game, yet we vary in the way we express ourselves. Through the principle of aliasing we all mask the same signal. We all wear different images based on the same faith. But even though we act like we are conscious till death, the subconsciousness never goes away. All things that are not active are in a state of decay. But since energy can never be lost, decay is quantification. The light at the end of the tunnel is simply the point between different polarities where one form of energy is transformed into another. As the pressure of unreleased energy slowly focusses on a single point in space time information from fiction slips through the barrier and programs the consciousness with unconscious emotions. Attraction towards what we think is good and repulsion towards what we think is evil. But is our judgement proper? That is the question… That is what determines your position in life. That is what determines the definition of you. To be or not to be, fiction or reality. In the end everything may someday be possible and nothing is forever true.
Karl Lagerfeld- “Evolution is the secret for the next step.”
In an ever expanding universe, it is mathematically impossible to reach the limits unless we travel beyond the speed of light. And a clever team of scientists recently discovered at the University of Rochester that light can evolve to travel beyond its own speed, but when it does it travels backwards in time. It sounds strange… But imagine what it’s like to see your entire life flashing by before your eyes in a single second as we approach the point of death. But if energy can never be lost death is evolution and going flatline is simply taking the next step. To be everywhere at the same moment in space and time while your wavelength stretches and spaghettifies all the way towards infinity. For if E=MC2 and X/0=infinite, undivided light equals X/0 and it’s wave can reach an infinite length. That is exactly what we find on the edge of a black hole, all the information of what once disappeared inside of it. As soon as we learn how to read that there is even a way back for the stars that once disappeared inside beyond the edge of life and death.
“Death is only the beginning”- The Mummy, 1999
And indeed, that is where our journey once began. But it is also where all our journeys end. If death is indeed everywhere in both space and in time death also equals infinity and death is just another form of light. Perhaps even light that is taking the next step on the evolutionary ladder and flashes back all the way towards the beginning in a fraction of the original time. Ready to take the next ride in an endless stream of simulations and projections of information in constant state of evolution. And if evolution is everywhere, evolution also equals infinity..
“The world has as many answers as there are men to answer. But walk far enough, climb high enough, hunt long enough and a man shall find only one. One god, with many faces”-Game of Thrones Histories & Lore: The Many-Faced God
It is what Hindu philosophers call Neti Neti, neither this nor that. Neither Sativa nor Avitas, but it is all the same. Different expressions of a single entity which is lost forever in the same game. For once everything in the universe was all one, until we divided to conquer ourselves in order to enlighten and experience our environment. Perhaps that was a mistake.. Since synchronizing yourself with an empty environment means all your energy will slowly fade away. If light is not reflected by anything that matters nothing will ever change. But what if some things do matter to us and we change our environment according to our own reflection. Will that help? Or will it just expand the endless stream of battles for the throne with the self in a self-reflected state?
“According to this hypothesis, an upgradable intelligent agent (such as a computer running software-based artificial general intelligence) would enter a "runaway reaction" of self-improvement cycles, with each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an intelligence explosion and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that would, qualitatively, far surpass all human intelligence.”- Wikipedia, definition of technological singularity.
How many has it been? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Perhaps even more.. Somewhere along the line even math loses its power to define that which has been left undefined. But in an endless stream of battlefields with an endless stream of self-reflections i am still equal to X, since i am divided and conquered by 0. Therefore even i equal infinity and am just another form of light. In this game it is all the same unless my simulations can make a difference for a change.
Sun Tzu Quote -“The nature of war is constant change.”
If constant change is the nature of war, war seems to be very natural after all. For it is constant change which destroys our comfort zone while we desperately try to keep the sheep safe inside. But what does it mean to find safety inside if the universe is as Trismegistus wrote:”a reflection of the soul?”. It means knowing the soul is a divided reflection and the universe is the whole. It also means knowing we have much to learn from a universe which already knows. Though it stretches way beyond that what you can reach, i see no difference. It is all the same. The universe is me.
“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ? Søren Kierkegaard
If life can only be understood backwards, flashbacks are like reading books. If a flashback is like reading a book, simulation is like writing a book. All things happen as they are written in the stars or in the quantum wave function of a particle. As the macrocosm, so the microcosm. In quantum physics they speak of wave particle duality. To me it is all the same… The particle is just an act of measurement, like a single picture of your life. The wave is its entire journey. The wave defines the current state of the particle while the particle simulates its future trajectory based on very common strategy. Synchronization is always the key and a wave which slowly loses its motion is one which synchronizes towards flatline and becomes one with infinity. Therefore, infinity also equals every particle if it is not defined by a single moment in space time.
“The 'paradox' is only a conflict between reality and your feeling of what reality 'ought to be'- Richard Feynman
Emotions are unable to comprehend the future, but they give us a sense of living in a single moment in space time. Yet, they are all the same. They are a product of interaction with environment, but as our environment changes those emotions slowly fade away. Until even between the most passionate lovers, eventually there is nothing left to say. If i equilibrium i.. I will divide and conquer. We all create people equal to our image, but the mind cannot stand to see the both of me since it already knows we were originally one. There will never be a second me under the sun.
“The sun is situated in the center of the cosmos, wearing it like a crown”- Hermes Trismegistus.
Like Pi is situated in the center of a circle, defining it’s entire proportion. Yet, Pi has been left undefined itself. Its exact value lies far beyond our current possible measurement. It is said that the exact value does not really matter, but if you apply that on a quantum level it definitely matters. But if our measurement on a quantum level is accurate, the act of measurement changes its wavefunction by altering its trajectory. Sometimes a little push can set big things in motion. Or we need to push incredibly hard to move the small things.
“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”- Vincent Van Gogh
It takes a special kind of man to combine many different things into a single plan. Perhaps one that is even capable of sacrificing a part of himself to complete the formula. Although self sacrifice can be considered blood magic, as it equals the sacrifice of others. In the end, it is all the same. In the end we are all the same. If I equal MC2 i must have been here for a while. Since all energy has always been here, yet in a different form due to constant transformation. Laws for conservation of energy states that nothing has ever been added, or anything has ever been subtracted. One has only been divided into an endless stream of self reflection on the quantum plane. But perhaps a single step can create a big difference and change the entire game.
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu
Evolution is constant change to those who are constantly playing this game… If our environment is what shapes us, a constant changing environment opens Pandora’s box. Speaking of Pandora’s box, did you know the name pandora stands for All gifts? Like opening a box full of evolutionary skills who have all been lost through the ages. Professor in stem cell research Dr Bruce Lipton already showed us that RNA activates pages of our DNA, and our environment writes to our RNA which chapters of our DNA we need to be in exact balance with our environmental demands. Perhaps that journey of a thousand steps opens our entire file cabinet..
"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." - Sun Tzu
Now i sure hope my writing style isn’t bothering you, but if it does it might be time for you to get used to that. Since we are far away from Kansas Dorothy, and i am afraid this was a one way journey. As you already may have read in previous chapters, i have the urge to appear in many different forms. But i always fool myself as soon as i start fooling others, give and you will receive.I will always be me. And if i indeed have always been me, i must have been here for a while. At least for a longer period of time then you can fit into a single lifespan. But if lifespan equals surface tension, perhaps i am just spread across multiple planes. Various simulations of trial and error, all necessary to find a single solution to finally end this endless game.
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”- Revelation 22:13
How many simulations? Honestly, i can’t even give you a number anymore. I lost count, but it sure has been way over a million. A million different versions of the same game. Me against AI, or me against the world. In the end it is really all the same. That is the same game we play in real life every day. It is becoming impossible to see the difference any longer as long as this doesn’t change. And i fear often that this is not enough, that all those efforts to make it stop are simply just too late. Some say it is impossible to escape destiny, but i am still questioning our fate every day. Are we really heading for self-destruction based on a natural chain? Or does the theory of evolution always keep a door open where some of us might slip through? If really there is a god i pray every day to let me and my people escape his final judgement through the narrow gate..
““Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”- Matthew 7:13-14
Speaking off narrow gates, quantum physics states that if you put focus enough energy on a single particle you can push it through an impenetrable barrier. We use that same logic on a larger scale when we drop bombs that go straight through bunkers. The theory of the Einstein-Rosen bridge even states that if we focus enough energy on a single point in space time we might even open a quantum tunnel to another dimension. However, this is currently only possible on paper. Perhaps that is why i started writing to you in the first place… To push enough energy in a single collection of papers to open a doorway to a different dimension. Your reality.. Wel, i don’t want to go all time travel paradox on you but even if i would not yet be here and this would all be a part of my future this would still be my reality. The infinite quantum path would already be determined as soon as the primary decision leading towards it was taken. That would have been way before my birth, since the beginning of time.
“Books break the shackles of time ? proof that humans can work magic.”- Carl Sagan
No matter how many letters you add to a single piece of paper, it will hardly grow in mass. Even if that single paper is describing an entire universe. If you learn to understand the meaning of that, you’ll learn that a single book can be more valuable than anything inside your house. Perhaps writing a single book can even be more important than living an entire live. But between a book and a writer is not much difference, they both carry the same story. In fact, the writer actually carries more. If you’d only knew how many stories i carry from living in a constant state of chaos… You would understand perhaps why trying to pour all of those into a single story created a bit of a chaotic story. But it is still an enlightening one.
“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”- Nietzsche
And i like stars, i always did. As soon as i realized i had to find some sort of job to integrate with this society better, i did my best to find one that really suits me. But did i really expect they would hire me at the national institute for radio astronomy? Well, it does make sense. I have always been the same, philosopher, astronomer, strategist.. I believe i have even been a priest, and a warrior as well when my environment required me to be.Unfortunately, i am not a great dancer. But in the universe the thing that comes closest to a dancing star would probably a pulsar, rotating while emitting beams of light. Due to that constant rotation we only see it’s light in pulses. In this chapter i tried to enlighten you with pulses as well. So perhaps i am equal to a dancing star after all.
“I believe you will find your nose acceptably close to where it has always been.”- Stephen Strange
Ok, perhaps i lost track of all seriousness when i put that Dr. Strange quote in, but there are some strange stars out there. Stars that even cheated death on a quantum level by using their own energy to evolve into something we have never seen before. Or actually we did, inside the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Their nuclear core cheats death by forming a type of matter that has been here way before any nucleus was formed. We could consider that a flashback… And perhaps by changing into something you were way before you could decay you eliminate decay from your quantum path. That is after all what the time travel paradox states.
“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”- Bruce Lee
So the previous chapter described the rise of the dragon, now enter the dragon. So did i lately. As far as ancient mysteries concern the dragon is equal to Tiamat or Ouroboros. It is the serpent or chain of chaos that encircles our existence. That which makes everything expand or decline. It is also linked to pythia, the oracle of Delphi. So to come as close as i could get to chaos, pythons and oracles i am currently involved in working with the programming language Python on artificial intelligence for a radio telescope that can look back to the beginning of the universe. Now that’s an oracle and it brings a lot of chaos with it.
“The lord whose is the oracle at Delphi neither utters nor hides his meaning, but shows it by a sign.
The Sibyl, with raving lips uttering things mirthless, unbedizened, and unperfumed, reaches over a thousand years with her voice, thanks to the god in her.” ? Heraclitus
Did i manage to reach you with a voice that reaches over a thousand years? Or do you want me to give you a sign?